Tuesday, April 1, 2014

The True Customer Satisfaction!

###  A girl at the Billing Counter of a huge Super Market was under great work pressure due to too many customers.... One Customer gave her  a pack of few tooth brushes for billing.... She quickly scanned the bar code, it did not work, referred to the price on the Computer, could not get it; nothing helped.... 

The queue was swelling and her Boss was looking for quick action.... Subjected thus to work pressure, she quickly entered a price of Rs 35/- for the brush set whose actual price was around Rs 100/- , requested the Boss to endorse the same through his Pass Code who did it without making a check as there was no time and thus finished billing as it was written on the brush Rs 35/- in big letters and ‘off’ in small letters! The Manufacturer wanted to outsmart the buyer and it worked the reverse!

###  A man was unhappy with a water melon sold by a Food Store in his neighborhood.... 

He took it back to the Shop saying, “Why did you sell this rotten stuff to me? It started smelling in a day.... Give me a fresh piece....” 

The Owner of the Store checked the piece and said politely, “Sir! It appears good.... Seems no problem!” 

“What are you talking? Can you at least give me another piece taking this back?” 

“Yes! Sir! No problem.... But there are only a few left out.... You can select one out of them and take...” 

“Ok! I take this one.... Definitely the good one as seen.... By the way, what happened to all the lot that were there yesterday?” 

“All were sold out.... These are the only few returned by the other Customers saying rotten!”

###  A Passenger was checking in manually at the Airlines Counter at the Airport with his baggage….

The smart Airline Staff at the Counter asked him politely, “Sir! Shall I give you a seat in front behind the Executive Class?”

The Passenger said, “Please give my seat next to the middle Emergency Door!”

The  Staff Member smiled and said, “ Sir! Our Aircraft is quite safe…. Even if there is a requirement, we always evacuate all the passengers in the fastest way….. There are 6 Exists in the Aircraft for that purpose…. You need not worry on this…. Any how I give you what seat you wanted!”

The Passenger said, “Nope! I am not bothered all about that…. At this point I get extra leg space!”

###   The conversation overheard in a Shop…

"Sir! We need your Employer ID proof for bill payment through Credit Card...."

"I am sorry.... I am retired...."

"Thank you sir! We don’t need the ID Proof in that case!"


"Yes! We want to keep off a Group of Employees who had some problem of their Employment but have these Credit Cards issued to them earlier.... These are the instructions given to us by the Banker of the Card!"

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