Tuesday, April 8, 2014

The discrete 'Superior Feeling'….

“You must be very careful when praise is aimed at you.... Without your knowledge, you will be Elated in no time.... This Elation is nothing but my pride ruling me at the back however humble I may appear in front.... The self forever expresses thus strongly…..

The only solution here to this silent down fall of my personality is to say a firm ‘No’ to this Elation.... For this to happen, I should ever be attentive at every moment…. And in the long run this helps me a lot.... I truly become humble in my life and that does its own good in turn.... So, let me always say ‘No’ to this Elation by being very careful in my life whenever the praise is aimed at me.... To tell you the fact, all these years I followed this discipline and am continuing it this day too....” thus was telling a man of thirties to a group of listeners on the irreparable damage done by the so called praise aimed at an individual in his / her life....

“My dear! You have forgotten to mention another important point here which produces Elation in an individual other than the praise, he or she not being a bit aware of it at all!” said an elderly wise man with a smile who was listening to all that talk.... “In this process, I ever look humble to all people around and no one doubts me.... And strangely, I appear thus to me too.... It is truly a trap in our lives!”

“What is it, Sir?” asked the listeners not understanding what the elderly gentleman meant….

The elderly continued, “When a man fails in his mission or put down by fate which too happens sometimes, I am elated silently there even though all the time I would be making or appear to be making efforts to help out the individual in distress.... I am ever Elated here as the other man is down temporarily and this happens in such a refined way without a bit of my knowledge....  And no one ever doubts me here and within me too I appear humble to myself.... Unless I get freed from this Silent Elation too by being totally attentive at these sensitive moments, I can never say that I have become Humble in my life!”

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