Sunday, March 23, 2014

The 'Naughty Child'....

### The First Grade child was showing proudly all his Certificates he got till then to the visitor to their house.... The visitor counted the Certificates, smiled, patted him and said, “Oh! You already have six Certificates of yours! Nice….” The little one, wide eyed exclaimed, “No, I have one more Certificate of mine!” The visitor asked curiously, “What is it?” The child replied, “It is my Birth Certificate but dad always keeps it with himself….”

### A father sitting in his car told his 9 yr old son to get down, go and make use of the Rest Room facilities which were a little away and come back....  “Don’t touch any thing there.... It is a nuisance and costs dearly with that hygiene around!” he strictly instructed his son.... The boy finished his work, returned with a beaming face and said, “Dad! I exactly followed your advice and touched only all the points where it is clearly written ‘Touch Free!'"

### An elderly gentleman said to his friend, “I love my grand child very much!” 

The friend said, “What greatness is there in that? Every one likes his / her grand child....”

The elderly with a smile said softly, “There is another reason for that…. See! I have my own personal needs due to my age and the related health problems and whenever we as a family are out, often it becomes difficult to search for the facilities or make others wait for me.... But when I go out along with my grand child, all these are easily available at my convenience as the little one too needs them often!”

###  An elderly man was narrating 'A Life Event' of a well known Personality to his friend.... "This distant Relative of mine, you know.... Got engaged on Monday, married on Tuesday, fell sick on wednesday, died on Thursday and buried on Friday.... The Week days in Order.... I still remember all these Chronological Happenings!"

The 7 yr old grand child with him listening to what his Grand Pa had said, instantly asked him with a big doubt on his face, "Dadaji! I understand, the first two and last two happening immediately but how is that the middle three too happened on the consecutive days?"

###  The Grand Father was out with his one and half yr old Grand child in his Apartment Complex.... The child slowly walked ahead a little distance away from him....

"Dear!  don't go away like that.... Come back" he said controlling the movement of the child....

To his surprise, the child started slowly walking backwards....

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