Tuesday, April 29, 2014

The 'Greatness' shines in no other Fashion!

The Great Personalities as they live in the world, forever are Symbols of two distinct Qualities constantly exhibited…. An Ultimate Responsibility towards the people in the world and an Unshaken Faith firmly established with the people….

The Great Saint once said, “A girl newly married into a traditional family, as she steps into the big joint family, is initially trained / tasked to handle many household activities / responsibilities…. The day she conceives, it is a joyous moment for the entire family and they quickly start taking care of her in the best possible way…. As she progresses in her pregnancy, the tasks and responsibilities that were there with her previously are taken out one by one till she reaches the point of advanced pregnancy….When the delivery time nears, members of the family in turn start helping her out in her own activities…. The moment the child is born, the entire family immediately starts taking care of her as well as her New-borne…. In a similar way, A Great Personality is ever supported in Nature with all Powers given to Him as He is the most Responsible and Useful Individual to the people…..

In respect of Faith / Belief…. The Master once was found by his disciple moving in strange surroundings at odd hrs and the disciple instantly became suspicious of Him…. As the disciple started making an investigation in that direction, he quickly found that he was totally wrong as the Master was there on His usual errand…. The disciple felt miserable for doubting his own Master and out of a great regret feeling, he openly told Him the way he suspected Him and requested Him to pardon him…. The Great Saint smiled and said, “No….No… Dear! You have done the very Right here…. In Spiritual Path if you want to really Progress, you should never believe blindly but always question everywhere…. In the Process, if required, you should not leave doubting even your own Master! That’s truly the Right Way of being Spiritual in life!”

The Great Men forever are Great because they never shun Their Responsible Behavior in the world and in the very process are totally Open too in Their Nature…..

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