Wednesday, May 7, 2014

It's a Problem forever.... But only when thought so!

“I don’t like especially the behavior of this boy…. He is always a little on his own and never cares to respect the situation in front.... Of late, he had become a headache for me.... Since my friend requested so much, I decided to help, guide and tell him the 'good!’ But, here it appears that soon he only is going to teach me…. I have decided.... From now onwards, I’ll just keep off from this guiding activity…. Enough is enough; it is a thankless job!” thus was pouring out a middle aged man his indignation in respect of the behavior of a boy to an elderly well-wisher, a man of deep wisdom….

The elderly listened patiently for a while, paused and said, “Dear! I agree that this boy is a little ‘by himself’ and does not heed to the elders' advice so easily…. And that is the reason why your friend requested you to handle this task having faith in you that you do a better job in this case….But....”

“Sir! I am doing a sincere job here straining beyond and the boy too should know it…. Instead, he argues smartly and has no respect to listen to an elder in front…. First of all, who is he? It is only my foolishness to worry so much for him!”

“Dear, please hold a minute! Here alone one often does a mistake…. I‘d like to ask you one question….You talk so close to me as if I am your man but tell me strictly who am I too, to you?”

“What Sir? You are my distant relative, close family friend for so many years, my Well-wisher, my Mentor and Adviser…........”

“But still I am different and you are different! It means that here you carry an opinion with you that.... 'He is my man.... It is good if I listen to him....' And in the boy's case.... 'He is not my person.... So I need not listen there!'….. Am I right?”

“OK! You are right…. But, what do you want to tell me?”

“Nothing special except that we constantly live through these two distinct opinions in us.... They alone strongly guide us in all our actions and assess what is right and what is wrong on my behalf.... Based on such a decision alone, I talk, decide and act in this world! Is this not surprising that by myself, I am nothing here?"


“Yes dear! That is the power of these opinions with us!  Of course, one can do nothing here as he / she is strongly caught under their influence …. Many times these opinions of ours mean good to others but unfortunately a few times not so! And, in such situations alone, I will be making such complaints in close circles as they have no place in public since they lack Truth! The beauty here is that when I truly understand this whole Phenomenon 'As Is', I instantly stop this type of complaining and straight away attempt solving the issue in front in the best interest of every one, that's all!”

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