Saturday, April 12, 2014

The True Responsible Behavior....

“You never allow us to do what we want…. On one side you say that we should have our freedom everywhere but from the other side you establish your control directly or indirectly…. We too know to a large extent, what we have to do and what we should not do…. You should leave the matters there…. What all you talk on cutting down spending of monies, limiting enjoyments and minimizing the relaxations….. All that, any how you may not be able to do but why do you stop us from doing that?  We want our lives go as we wish…. We are always together on this one issue….” thus voiced all the grown up family members a bit angrily and out of the disgust as the Head of the family often talked of restrain everywhere….

The Head listened to them fully and said….”Dear All! I am sorry to say that you have misinterpreted my advice and partly I may be responsible for that too… Any how, I make it clear to you again and again…. My responsibility as the Head will stay here whether you wish or not and out of that alone, I would be talking the maximum time…” the Head paused for a while and continued….

”I agree that you have a right to protest and not follow my advice too but I have my responsibility of advising you which I should never leave at any time and make you relax extra…. Where the Truth prevails, the Responsibility forever overrides the Rights and the Man of Better Knowledge in those circumstances can forever do in that way! And that never amounts to any suppression as the man of Better Understanding will have that Love with him / her for others…. You may protest to any extent on the face of it as the force in you to do the other way is quite strong but eventually on a day when this force weakens in you and more clarity comes up, you yourself see the Good behind my talk and carry your regard for that…. This much, I am sure to say, is bound to happen whatever turmoils exist this moment among us…. So let my advising go on and on without a break!”

The Head while concluding smiled and quipped, “In case I really try to talk on the lines which never takes care of you all overall which too can happen a few times, soon I would be listening to you and following you ultimately and my age and experience put in never can stop that! So let us check ourselves sincerely where all of us stand here in this context and act only according to that!”

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