Thursday, May 22, 2014

The Child Care....

  • A child responds to love alone and nothing less…. And this love again is nothing but paying attention towards the child.… The joke goes.... The bachelor who wrote books on child care and often gave unending speeches had to taper off those activities and finally had to wind up when he got married and had successively four children.... 
  • No rational behavior is expected from a child..... Here as the ancient story says.... Even a King failed when challenged as the Little one straight away asked him put the elephant in the pot procured by the King in no time....The child is thus forever unrealistic but the mother alone believes that as true; so the child gets the right answer from the mother…. If the child wants moon, the mother says with one hundred percent surety that she will get it for her child…. Because of this alone, the child develops one hundred percent confidence in her….
  • Most of the times, the mother alone gives the personality to her child…. The first school of the child is lap of the mother…. She teaches the child what no one can teach on this earth…. The maximum personality is formed at this age…. Without mothers, we often grow up a violent and insecure individuals in our society....
  • Child care is a 24 hrs task which cannot be stopped any time…. It is said that the child's other activity and mother's eating time are the same…. That much attention is required while bringing up a child….
  • The child believes and observes…. Here, the child never forgets even a small response from others; it is very much stored and works to perfection…. The famous joke says when a small child was calling a big ship on to the shore and the ship turned and started coming towards the shore at the astonishment of those on the shore.... the child exclaimed, "The Captain is my father!"
  • A child never expects pity from others; instead no attention for a while is better…. Further, a child expects continuous attention from one individual; never wants attention daily from different individuals….
  • A child expects no help in all issues where no danger is sensed; instead he / she explores the issues in front….
  • Play for child is true development; targets shun the personality….
  • Disciplining the child really takes no where; If parent is disciplined that does everything….
  • The child is truly innocent…. Even a rowdy sheeter fuming all the while, forgets himself when a child smiles at him….
  • Child care beyond health and safety involves instilling confidence in the mind…. The child learns max in the early years of childhood, beyond that it is mostly repeating and copying activities only….
  • Finally to say.... As we sow, we reap!  If I teach my child to be honest, tomorrow when he / she grows up as an individual he / she surely shows back this trait in taking care of me and at large the society…. Of course, teaching will not work unless I am honest to the core and do all my activities accordingly only…. 


  1. Such an informative article. I completely agree with you, as we so, so do we reap :)