Monday, May 26, 2014

Here "Constant 'Checks' alone streamline the 'Issues' in front!

A King had a Great Idea….

“I’ll really take the best care of my people by implementing the following Rule….

All items sold in the Market will be classified as Essentials and Nonessentials… The Essentials will be taxed at 0% when people buy the same….The Non essentials will be further classified as the Interesting Items / Services, Fascinating Items / Services and Enchanting Items / Services…. These will be taxed at 20%, 40 %, and 60% successively when the purchase is made….

With this System, people will try to limit their purchases to the essentials mostly and those who can afford may go for the Interesting and a few rich alone go for the Fascinating Ones…. Rarely people go for the Enchaining Ones as they have to pay A heavy tax in buying or using the Items / Services…. This on an average, will take care of everything and people will be constrained to be within their limits as their monies do not permit beyond except for a few careless ones…. It is going to be really a great Plan!”

No doubt it was a Great Plan provided implemented well…. The wise Minister expressed the same doubt but the King brushed him aside saying that he was too pessimistic…..

Days went by…. But, the life never moved in the way King expected and there were many problems with people…. Financial, health and disciplinary….

The King wondered all along and finally sought the advice of the Minister asking him to find out what would have gone wrong….

The Minister made a quick enquiry, came out with details and said…. “Your Highness!  No doubt Your Majesties' Plan was Great but  actually it so happened that the 60% tax looked much attractive for the Rule Implementors and in order to retain its in flow, a few unscrupulous Court Officials colluded with the Big wigs in the field and thus worked indirectly for the promotion of the Enchanted items / Services instead of educating the people on not going for the same.... In time, a new Culture had set in all round and slowly more and more people were into that.... And in order to get the extra monies, people started going for loans which were offered at the click of the button which too was part of the Evil Plans and in the process their precious Assets silently started vanishing.... All this soon started working on health and further earnings of the masses in their precious active life…Thus Your Highness’s the Best Plan never worked and people are suffering in pain!”

The King at once understood that going for extremes in Rule making and closing the doors will really not work…. Instead, let the Rules be in the ranges of living and all percentages be within the affordability of living but spend the thus available resources alone more on educating the people constantly on doing 'good!' 

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