Wednesday, May 14, 2014

The Sanctity of a 'True Friendly Welcome'....

A gentleman of mid forties had been strongly advised to follow the strict diet regulations, regular brisk walks both in the morning and evening and sufficient rest at the end of the day in the form of good sleep for managing a trivial health problem he suddenly encountered in his life.... In tune with the Advice, he quickly disciplined himself in that direction and soon started leading that life.... All people around who noticed his strict adherence to such a discipline soon had a praise for him for doing all the activities so meticulously every day….

A close friend of him who happened to stay a couple of miles away from him having known his health problem, straight away invited him to his place for a stay of 3-4 days for a 'change' as that too surely would improve his health.... The gentleman gladly accepted that and in a short time made a visit to his friend's place accompanied by his younger brother along with him….

The friend at the destination received both of them with all the warmth and immediately accommodated them in the best possible way.... During the stay, they both were treated in a royal way with all comforts, with the tastiest food and lots of entertainment by his friend to keep his guests happy.... In that process, the strict regime of diet, exercise and sleep hitherto followed by the gentleman were virtually thrown to winds as he instantly joined with his friend and spent all the four days in that fashion….

At the end of the visit, the gentleman thanked his friend a lot, took leave from him and started moving homewards.….

The younger, who was observing his brother for a while was a little astonished or to say, annoyed and quickly remarked, “Brother! All these days, you were very much disciplined in your daily routine and were doing all the activities so sincerely…. But here, in no time you left everything very easily, broke every discipline and in no time took the comfort line of feasts, entertainments and what not to mention.... What had happened to your strong Will-Power which every one was praising all these days?”

The gentleman brother smiled and said, “No dear! I was always conscious of my routine and discipline and all the time when I was at the new place and I was ready to follow that…. But as you had seen, my friend was so receptive and was offering me everything of him with a sincere feeling in his heart that I should be the happiest during the visit.... When he had truly felt in that way, how can I say 'NO' to all that offered and stick to my regime?  Had I really done that, I would have been a heartless personality at that moment unable to see the true friendship in front and would have surely hurt his feelings.... I sincerely believe that his blessings alone would have done good to me at that instant and further down the line, I am ready to take wholeheartedly whatever the Almighty kept in store for me!”

The younger brother instantly felt a great reverence and respect for his elder brother’s depth of perception!

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