Sunday, May 11, 2014

A few Funny Jokes....

###  The Assistant was sitting on a bench in a Park one evening when the heavy built Boss suddenly was seen there…. The Assistant instantly got up and offered the seat to his Boss….The Boss smiled and said, “Dear! Outside the Office,we are all equal…. Why do you get up for me? Please relax…. I am on my way!”

Later someone around seeing the happening, asked the Assistant, “He said it right… Where is the need to get up for your Boss in personal life too?….You could have simply wished and asked him to seat by your side!”

“The reason is not what you are thinking…." 
said the Assistant smiling mischievously….""I had my own doubt on the strength of the bench and imagine, in case he would have come and sat by my side?”

###  The Supervisor of a Park asked one of his Assistants who was good at writing Slogans to write a few eye catching Ones and display the Boards all along the Walk Path of the Park…. “Walkers should be instantly impressed by what we say!” was his message…. Accordingly the Assistant did the job and all Slogans when checked were found to be really impressive like ‘A brisk Walk brings down the tempers around!’, ‘A daily Walk melts down the fat in no time!’ etc…. except the one which was a little doubtful of conveying the right meaning…. ‘A daily brisk Walk in no time slows down the fast life of yours!’

###  ‘An Optimist when looks at half filled glass says, ‘Ha! It’s really half full!’  A Pessimist when looks at the same glass says, ‘Oh! It’s half empty!’  The perceptions of people in life are thus varied and accordingly alone they would be reacting and speaking….” said a Mentor in a Lecture Class taken up for a Group of Young Aspirants….

“Not always…. It depends on what the glass is actually filled with….” said one of the Listeners…. “If the glass is filled with an alcoholic beverage the talk goes thus…. The Optimist says, ‘Ah! It’s really half empty!' and the Pessimist says, ‘Oh! It’s only half full!’ Is it not funny?”

“And if the glass is filled with poison, it really doesn't matter what comment is made!” quipped a smart Listener….

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