Monday, June 16, 2014

A 'Deviation' here is a 'Permanent Pain!'

A man all of a sudden got into a problem, not a lesser problem…. And the solution seemed to be complex and not straight forward at all.... He was confused on the immediate course of action with every one around remaining silent for a while…. Suddenly, he firmed up…. “I have one life with me and I am important here…. I do not want to sacrifice my enjoyment whatever may be the problem in front; that's all!”  To his surprise, a few around him too asserted the same saying, “Go ahead with your Plan.... How can you simply 'lose' in your life?  We are with you!”  With such a back up, soon he was into a new life of his own enjoyments….

As the days passed, the man slowly noticed that even though the life he had chosen was great initially, when looked more carefully into distance, it was found to be laced with many unknown issues and complications…. And when he tried to discuss the same with the few who initially okayed his living, they brushed off that in no time saying, “Don’t worry…. We too have done such things earlier…. It is nothing here…. Continue with full vigor and we will be always at your back!”  He instantly felt better and thus continued further....

But soon, the man clearly understood that the very same people who asserted his doings all the while, were shaky by themselves and out of their own instability they were proposing a similar life for him…. And by that time, he could no more go back on his earlier actions and was forced to continue further….

As time passed on, there were more and more tensions in him with more intricacies, problems and other issues surfacing and multiplying too fast…. Soon, even a small change from that 'self chosen life' seemed difficult, looking back was not all allowed and the future appeared totally bleak…. Ultimately, he was left high and dry in his life with the mental Peace totally at stake.... Strangely, the so called his Advisors at his back alone held him tight in that path so that he too was with them….

The man wept within himself…."What a great mistake had I done in my life?  Had I stuck to the Right Path when the first problem struck me, the confusion whatever I was foreseeing would have soon ended with more and more light being thrown in the right direction and more and more strength coming up in me out of fearlessness…. By choosing the wrong path, ultimately I lost a good life full of Happiness, Contentment and the Right Expression!"

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