Thursday, June 5, 2014

Self Help....

Self help is the Golden Path one has to embrace in life….

Whatever is said or done, one should help himself / herself physically all the time in his / her life according to his / her capacity!

A great Saint was offered many times help by the disciples when He was old and was afflicted with an incurable disease.... He politely used to refuse the offer saying, “As long as my hand can move, let it only help me.... You can help me when this hand can no more do the job!”
....Meaning almost never many times! 

The Message here invariably is an invaluable one for me….

By bargain, we can always buy the 'Physical Help' in the world.... And the payments involved are forever controlled by the Economics and the Prevailing Rules and Regulations.... In such a scenario, it is better the following issues are thoroughly checked before buying such 'Help'….

  1. Am I asking help where if my body can exert reasonably, the work can be completed? 
  2. In my process of buying the physical help, is there human exploitation involved? 
  3. If the individual who helps me grows in his/her profession to my level or above, is it a happy situation for me? 
  4. Am I doing my core business during these times when I buy the physical help? 
  5. Am I truly engaged simultaneously in discharging my bounden duties during the period the help is sought? 
If I only can get reasonable negative answers for the first two questions and positive answers for the last three, the 'Physical Help' can be taken.... Else many times, it is a 'Noble Gesture' on my behalf if I can stop here and look at myself as the true 'Tool of that Help!' 


  1. That's a nice one Sreedhar. Unfortunately most times self help is identified as a sign of weakness. Sometimes I feel that it is a way to escape the acknowledgement that life can be so much better and richer. It takes a perception to identify how much more of a value add life can become and the impact self help can create..

    And like you beautifully pointed out, you can always get physical help in the world, that is easy, that is basic. But something beyond that is always within us!

    1. You said it right Vinay! We can always contribute our 'Bit' to the Nature's requirement from our side through 'Self Help' and that becomes a 'Duty' too with us.... Thanks for throwing further insight into the subject....