Thursday, June 5, 2014

A few Funny Incidents....

###  The Transportation Agency said, “We positively deliver your items…. If not we return the money worth of the items shipped!” followed by certain exceptions such as…..
  • Earthquakes, Storms, Whirl winds and all such Natural Disasters…..,
  • Riots, Strikes, Protests and all such man made disturbances….,
  • Accidents, Breakdowns, Transport hold ups and all such routine issues….,
  • Leaving the above, all other damages beyond human control….,
  • Political interferences, Geographical problems and the economic turmoils….,
  • All unlawful involvements and disturbances…. and
  • All such instances when the items become untraceable….
The Customer smiled and remarked, “If none of these happen, why at all a guarantee is required in the delivery of the items?”

###  In a far off distant land, a Prominent Food Store along with normal food items used to sell certain Natural Remedies too for the usual day to day ailments.... A particular Sales Boy at the Counter used to entertain the Customers to the Store through high polite behavior by repeatedly using the words while billing…. Hi!  How are you today?  Did you find everything?………. Here you go…. Enjoy!”

Unfortunately by force of habit he repeated the same words, when a Remedial Item was purchased by a Customer suffering from an ailment with him!

###  At the ‘XXXX’ Coffee Shop, I was served the very best Coffee with a Super Cup!”

“Oh! So Great! Why was the Big man with you at the ‘XXXX’ Coffee Shop?”

###  The Classic Joke from our Grandma’s Tales….

In the very olden days, a few old ladies used to run the ‘Wayside Inns’ for en-route Travelers to dine and rest for a night in the middle of their journey….

In one such Inn, once a Traveller was served good food and after the food the traditional betel nut Pawn was offered to him…. When he had bitten the betel nut, the old lady exclaimed, “Oh! My God! At last you did it!”

To a question from the Traveller she said with a beaming face, “Yes! This particular nut could not be cracked by many Travelers who visited my Inn till date and tried it…. I safely preserved it all these days, was waiting to see who can really crack it and today, I can’t believe it…. You have done it at last!”

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