Sunday, July 6, 2014

A Mom's 'Miracle!'

The boy just crossed 12 and entered 13…. He was officially no more a child but actually was very much a child both at body and mind levels….

Unknowingly during that time, he developed an unexplainable fear of Lightening and Thunders especially of the similar ones that struck earlier…. And whenever such Rains used to strike, he often felt desperate and unconsciously tried to be by the side of his Mom as his indirect Savior….

Suddenly, there was a need for his Mother to leave him at home to the care of his two elder brothers and travel to her Native Place on a Week’s work…. And, as the same was announced in the house, the boy’s fears compounded as then the very Mom would not be by his side for a week in case the Thunder Rains strike….

He could not tell his problem to his friends and the classmates as he knew that they would simply laugh at him and look at him as a coward…. When discussed with his eldest brother, he simply said, “Don’t worry…. I am there for you!” When discussed with the other elder one, he said, “I am just 2 yrs elder to you…. I am without that fear…. Why don't you try to be like me?” And he could never talk to his dad on that because, he very much knew the answer…. “When do you grow? Just face the situation!” The boy was thus helpless and was not knowing what to do…. He felt that none would understand his problem….

But he was very much wrong there because the Mom by his side knew all that turmoil in him…. She might have broken the news to him that she would be off for a week but from the very next moment she was studying him in total…. And in that context, she was continuously knowing her child’s suffering, it reached a limit in her and instantly she firmed up on her own way of helping him out….

One day before her departure, as soon as her son returned from school, she gave him an evening mini meal to his satisfaction, made him relax for few minutes and said, “Dear! When I am away for a week, daily you will be alone for about 2 hrs in the house in the evenings till your bros return, is it not?”

The boy instantly responded to her saying, ‘YES’ without his own knowledge….

“I know you are afraid of heavy Thunders and Lightening…. In case a heavy rain comes in that time, you are worried is it not?” she mentioned….

The boy suddenly found a great interest in his Mom’s approach….

“Also, at night when your bros are sleeping, if the the same Lightening and Thunders come up, you are worried is it not?” she asked….

Yes! she exactly touched his problem…. The Mom alone knows how to help her terrified child…. The boy was totally at ease with the solace he got from the menacing problem troubling him….

“I’ll give you the best solution…. What our Epic Story says is that the Devas’ King Indra, the Lord of Rain God as he travels in the Sky in his Chariot, the constant rubbing with the clouds produces the Lightening and Thunders…. So if you please Devas' King Indra, he definitely takes care of you…. And you know Prince Arjuna is the son of Indra…. So praise Prince Arjuna, Indra is pleased with you and instructs the Rain God to go soft without making such a blinding Lightening and loud Thunders…. I tell you a Sloka, by-heart this one and repeat the same in your mind when the Thunders and Lightening strike….”

The Loving Mom instantly made him learn the Famous Sloka ….

“Arjunah Palghunah Paarthah Kireethih Swethavahanah 

Bheebhastuh Vijayah Krishnah Savyasaachih Dhananjayah!”  
(A sloka of praising Prince Arjuna bringing out his own Identity and Achievements…..)

“Now you are safe…. The Lightening and Thunders can never do anything to you!” said the Mom with a smile patting her son….

The boy was totally relieved of the hidden menacing fear with him as he found the right solution to his problem which none else could give him…. He instantly felt very strong and highly capable…. No doubt to say that he by-hearted the Sloka in no time, happily bid bye to his Mom the next day and was all ready to wage a war if Nature showed it’s fury…. A man of no fear was just born in him with a determination to help out the world in general….


  1. Nice Inspiring way to teach kids our values, good wishes

    1. Thanks a lot.... Our own Values of life are really Great....