Wednesday, July 30, 2014

The 'Continuous Corrections' required in my life....

The Great Saint had said, “It’s not important what Comparative Life we lead all the way as we lived in the World but it is very much important how we feel within ourselves when we leave the World!”

On the face of it this may look distant, appears not so important and further all that on the ‘Anvil’ this moment may look very important as the issues of top priority….

But it is ever my Wisdom to remember that all such decisions of mine strangely have their own end, truly the permanent end as all are limited in their very content itself.…

But the end or the limit will be seen sooner or later on a fine day…. And that day no doubt would definitely be a ‘Day of Misery’ in my life….

The Great Man had only one ‘Sure Weapon’ with Him whenever something wrong appeared to have taken place from His end….

He used to sincerely repent the very next moment and start doing the necessary ‘Corrective Actions’ where in His True Repentance was explicitly expressed, the affected person through the wrong was Truly Compensated to such a Level that finally the very person himself used to forgive Him Whole Heartedly….The Great Personality never did anything less in such situations….

Since ‘ TO Err is Human’ and my own Emotions surely do a wrong many times in my life however careful I may be or try to be, the only way with me too is the moment I become aware of my mistake, do the necessary Corrective Actions without a bit of hesitation explicitly in a Scenario where the same is not problem or do implicitly when such doings may have a negative impact in my future life and thus be in that Mode through out my life…. The END, of course Truly is what the Almighty Wills for me but there the Scales are invariably balanced on the side of the Evergreen Truth….’As you Sow, so you Reap!’


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