Thursday, July 31, 2014

The 'Basis' of any 'Investigation' in the World....

  • “Which is this one? I never came across such a Cute Item…. Very interesting….. Let me find out all the details here and keep a Record…. Worth doing this one time Exercise!”
  • “What had gone wrong with the Original Plan? I was under the assumption that everything was under control…. Let us not leave these issues as they are…. I am sure I will find a sure solution!”
  • “Where did this go wrong? So strange…. I thought that everything was taken care…. No, we should see the end of this…. Don't worry, I ll search and get the required!”
  • “When did this take place? I thought, everything was under control…. Oh! God! It’s really a mess now…. No…. I don’t want to leave these matters as they are…. Let me find out the root cause!”
  • “Who might have done this? Any guess? We should never leave these matters as such…. I have planned a method of locating the Mischief Monger in this case…. I am straight into it!”
  • “Why should it happen to me? I can’t understand the reason here…. May be because there is….. Any how, let me find out…. I don’t want to leave this matter!”
  • “How much is this one important in life? This moment we may not know but soon it would be found out.... I am planning to go there for a search…. Let me do that and get back to you!”

Thus go often the Ways of Serious Quest and Investigations of Life to know the ‘Exact’…. Here, the hold is never slackened till the issues are reasonably addressed and the aim is met…. There alone lies a meaning to the life in front….

Let this Quest Continue without any stop and let the person behind the same be supported in whatever way feasible….

That sure is a Sacred Job in this world and further let me never question the man behind this Search why he / she is after that with a convincing say that the same is not worth doing unless there the time, monies and energies are drained out endlessly affecting the Basics or the Path is not a law bound one….

Thus Respecting, Supporting and Safeguarding such a Quest in the next man where the Almighty's Presence forever Exists are the Sacred Activities in our Life as that very Questioning Attitude alone ultimately leads one to Find and Establish in the 'Original Truth!'


  1. Amazing words of wisdom sir :-)
    Keep inspiring
    Good wishes

    1. Thanks for the Appreciation.... I'll try my best bringing out Good Articles on the Subject....