Sunday, September 28, 2014

The 'Business' Syndrome...

### On a Sunday afternoon, the family visited a Restaurant along with the Little Kid of 3 yrs for Lunch….

“Hi! My boy likes Ice Cream a lot and you don’t serve it here in your Restaurant…. Can I just buy it for him from the next Shop and get it here so that we will have our Lunch as the child eats the Ice Cream?” the Dad asked the Manager….

“No Sir! We don’t allow the outside food in our Restaurant except the child’s own food…. That’s our Policy…. And I’m sorry about that!”

“The Little Boy likes his Ice Cream a lot and that way we can Manage his activities easier!”

“I’m sorry…. Out Rules are very strict!”

“OK! Please take my Order….” saying thus the Dad placed his Order and the family was waiting for their food….

In the meantime, the Little One was too active…. He took the glass of water kept on the Table, instantly poured the whole water on ground, brought down down the artificial Plant kept neatly at the centre of table, threw the salt from the salt bottle on the table all round and was ready to reach the pepper bottle next to it at the back of a great zeal of exploration as few Customers around and near to him started moving a bit carefully and uncomfortably….

The Manager instantly came running to the Dad and said, “Sir! Please go and get immediately the Ice Cream you mentioned for the Boy…. We are this moment relaxing our Rules for all small children in respect of the outside food!”

### The elderly man entered the Restaurant and said, “At my age with my own health problems, I can’t eat anything spicy, salty, oily and sweet…. Can you just give me 2 slices of plain bread simply toasted with nothing on it along with a cup of tea?”

The Manager came to him and politely answered, “Sir! We can’t just give like that…. We add a little of our own…..….. to it, toast it and serve it you…. That would be quite tasty!”

“No please…. I don’t want anything on it…. Just give me the plain…..”

“Sir! Again I am telling…. We can’t give like that and you will never like it…. Please allow us to add a bit of our specially prepared……… to it and serve you as the best!”

“Dear! I am telling you I like it plain…. I will straight away pay a price that is there on your Menu for a Toast…. And I promise further…. I’ll never say a word on what you served to me here today!”

“OK! Sir! Your wish…. We don’t want to displease our Customer on this side too…. We’ll get it for you!”

Soon 2 pieces of bread were served to him hot along with Tea and tasting the bread item, the man immediately said, “Hi! It tastes so different and disgusting…. I can’t eat this!”

The Manager smiled and said, “Sir! I told you that you can’t eat it…. The bread is just 3 days old!” 

### The man entered a Restaurant and ordered a large number of items…. He then took out a small piece of food from the next Eatery which he had purchased from there earlier and started eating it….

The Manager came running to him and said, “Sir! We will not allow outside food here!”

The man got into an argument and said, “Dear! Your Restaurant is almost Empty…. As such, I am not disturbing any one here and I am not going to make your area messy with this food… Further, I placed a huge Order too on you…. Thus truly speaking, here I am never against your Business…. What’s your problem then?”

The Manger said, “Sir! This is our Policy!”

The man remarked, “That’s why your Restaurant is Empty this moment…. Please be a little realistic to practicality of life!”

The Manager murmured, “Whatever said and done, at any time we don’t want the Rival in our Business to progress at our cost!”

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