Sunday, October 5, 2014

Professional Growth....

Professional Growth forever is a twofold activity….

  • Always Think Big or Think High or Think the Impossible…. 
  • Every where there is a Solution for the Problem on hand; always try to look for it…. 

One of the famous Stories I heard in my childhood says….

A King was a sadist.... He, all of a sudden, asked an Expert in his Court to build a horse which would fly! 

The Expert was helpless…. He was sad…. His son, who was a smart fellow, told the father that he would answer the King.... 

When taken to the King, the son answered in affirmative that he would make a horse which would fly…. But asked the King to give two years time, as the Project was Special…The King agreed happily….

To a question from the father that how he would build such a horse, the son quipped, “In two years time, we don’t know.... We may not be here, the King may not be here, he may change, he may forget, he may give an extension for another year, he may ignore all together….. or I may make a horse which flies…. For the present I have given you the best solution for the burning problem in front!”

We understand from this Story that one should always have a Positive Attitude of experiencing something totally new and life would not be the same all along as being seen presently …. 

The second famous Story which I read was….

A Princess had a condition to marry.... Anyone could put her two questions.... If she could not answer, she would marry the man.... 

Many asked her very very tough questions which she answered in no time.... The talk of the town was that no one could put her a question, which she would not be able not answer!

Finally, one wise Prince asked her the very first question, “Which question can you not answer?” That is all! He could marry her.... 

What we understand from this Story is that a few times, seemingly impossible can become sure possible the next moment! 

Of course, there are instances where aiming the highest and attempting the impossible may look foolish and it is partly true too…. But if we look the other side, we instantly perceive that 

  • Our life is nothing but a series of ‘IF's and ‘BUT's, 
  • One may Plan meticulously but what results, one can never anticipate and 
  • At Work, the Employer always expects maximum growth in his/her Business Venture! 

And in such a Scenario, may be aiming the Highest as per the Eligibility and go on modifying the same to suit the Present with a constant Positive Outlook is fairly the Wisdom to achieve the best Growth in One's Profession.... The lesser forever never!