Thursday, October 9, 2014

A dad's Heart....

It was truly a Touchy Emotional Scene…. The daughter for the first time was traveling to distant lands to join her family…. And the dad packed three big bags for her apart from the usual smaller ones….

“Why three big bags?  They allow only 2 for me on my Flight....”
“On extra payment they allow the third…. I’ll pay for that!”
“It’s too much…. I can’t take all of them out myself at the Arrival Point....”
“Please hire the ‘Help’ at the Airport…. Take from me extra money for that!”
“The Taxis there are not big…. They can’t take 3 big bags along with the other smaller ones!”
“Hire a bigger Vehicle…. Take all that extra money from me!”
“Why are you spending unnecessarily so much money on all this stuff of not much value?”
“But these are the items you love to have with you as I know…. You alone bought them all and stored safely all these days…. I can’t give a lesser importance to all these under the name of saving monies!”

The daughter could not reply to her dad for a while…. Her emotions were beyond her control….

The dad continued, “Don’t worry…. All are taken care now…. Tell me if I have forgotten anything else to pack…. I’ll add one more bag and pay for all!”

The daughter looked at him spellbound….

“Yes! Dear!” the dad continued with a smile…. “I am just taking advance care of myself in all these….”

“What are you talking? I am not getting it!” she asked her dad with a big question mark on her face.…

“On a certain day in the coming days, I, under the influence of either forgetfulness or any other emotion may do some 'Less' for you…. Since such an action if done even once would produce a never ending pain in the heart of a father, I am doing much more in advance now so that at any time in future, the very thought that I gave you the max once upon a time will surely console me in such instances even though they are almost rare!”


  1. Teary eyed. Goose bumps. So much emotions in there. A dad's love very well depicted and penned. Parents love is unconditional and amazing, isn't it?
    Best Wishes.

    1. You said it Right.... Thanks for the Best Comment!

  2. Very Well written.really heart touching.really dad becomes his son's first hero and his daughter's first love.he becomes a provider,a protector,a leader,a friend,an exemplar,a patriarch,a disciplinarian.thanx for this heart touching blog :)

    1. Yes, Neeraj! It's a Fact.... Thank you very much for the Appreciation....