Friday, October 17, 2014

A 'Perfection' to the 'End!'

The Father of three Children was a man of Perfection everywhere…..

“Being Perfect in life saves us from may handicaps and troubles…. It’s truly the Right Way of living…. Negligence on our part is the main cause of all the losses happening around us…. If we take care to the root, Perfection in no time would be in front of us in all fields and that is the ultimate Saviour everywhere! And here, with the responsibility of three growing up Children, I can’t relax even a bit!” he used to say often….

A few were amused with his talk but could not comment much on the issue as he never talked of indiscipline in life…. They just used to advise him softly to go ahead in life with certain Ease, Flexibility, Adjustability and Adaptability too rather than forever talk of Discipline and Perfection alone…. But the man was equally adamant to change himself…..

Daily, the Dad used to take his children to the Playground where the Kids would spend their Evenings playing making use of certain costly Sports Goods of their own…. Many times the Play Items were lying haphazard in the Playground with the result a few Items were lost quickly, could not be traced in the thick sands around or the Children forgot to pick them up…. The father of Perfection could not see such a mess anymore…. And he in no time thought of an Innovative Plan of bringing the Perfection around…. He quickly got 3 small light Wooden Square Boxes made to a Perfect Unique Size and one big Rectangular Box to fit them exactly…. A Perfect Fit…. He made a lengthy survey, purchased 3 sets of Play Items in 3 distinct colors and got the 3 Boxes too colored with the same colors…. A Perfect Matching…. Each Child’s Play Items were put in the separate Box so that the Children could take out their Items and put back in the same box with a Perfect Discipline…. The Big Box used to be moved to the Play Ground on all the days of Play in their SUV in a Perfect Fashion….

“It’s Perfect Way here…. The Items are never scattered around, each of my Boys can easily identify his Items and can take better care of them…. This way, no Item will be lost at any time!” the Dad used to boast himself….

No doubt the Children too soon got accustomed to the Perfect System around each of their Boxes exactly fitting into the Smart Main Box with own distinct colors and similar colored Play Items…. Everything in Order and Control…. It was a constant amusement to the Dad that why people would not make themselves Perfect in life so that nothing would be lost at any time and everything would be available at a hand stretch…..

Until on a fine day, the Very Perfection helped a Smart Trickster too to pick the entire Big Box of well arranged Fascinating Play Items, of course not of much Value at one stroke when the attention of the Dad was a little less!

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