Friday, October 17, 2014

The 'Final' is never 'ME!'

“I don’t understand why these young people are so careless…. The Saying forever goes, ‘Man proposes; God disposes!'  Is it not right that they be cautious all along? There are constant problems in respect of Work, Finance, Health and Safety and if by bad luck any one materializes and takes a concrete shape, we are simply gone at one stroke…. Even the problems in respect of these at simmering levels too are a constant pain by our side….

Why not these young people straight away take proper care and see that all of these are properly guarded at every moment? No doubt, they have no knowledge at some places, but they can consult people like us who are matured and balanced, take our advice and thus act accordingly…. Instead, they forever are on their own risking everywhere and it is funny to see them equally happy in that very process itself!”

“My Dear! No doubt you speak from your side and tell the plus of listening to us…. But, if you apply the same Saying, 'Man proposes; God disposes!' once to our own suggestions and advices backed by such a maturity of age too, what do you see? The same uncertainty; is it not?  Can we guarantee the young that everything would be alright just because they would listen to us? We ourselves are not sure here, if we look into depth!

That’s the exact reason..... Everything is wrong here when some one stresses the importance of a particular Issue / Method / Plan beyond a limit….

Yes, I understand that the ways of actions of the young have more danger as perceived compared to following those based on our suggestions…. So the Right Way here is to advice in a softer tone to a level and leave that beyond as the youngsters too are grown up and have their own maturity to understand something about the Right and the Wrong unless we sense that they are sure looking at us for some guidance…. Here, in their own approach many times, these people learn to balance themselves thru’ certain learning which soon becomes their own and which is truly going to be an asset of theirs for a life time….

Having truly understood the limitations in all these approaches and after doing my job sincerely in a convincing way, let me leave the rest to the Almighty’s Greater Plans alone where in every one is surely and continuously learning very much beyond his / her own Present Understanding!”


  1. Youth is all about experimentation, trials and errors, folly and possible discovery, isn't it? Even Plato accused the youth of being immoral and frivolous. In any age, youth will be just that!

    1. As you said, youth forever are that alone.... Elders without getting into the Rule minded attitude should forever guide them softly alone as what exactly happens ahead none surely knows! Thanks for bringing out the valid point....