Friday, November 21, 2014

Hasten Slowly but sure Steadily!

“I do not know how to manage all these works of mine…. My Colleague friend had left one of his works too with me as he had to go on an Outstation Personal Duty…. I’ve to help him out here as he was the man who was supportive in some of my personal issues that came up earlier…. For such a personality, I can never say, 'NO!' but I have my own works too with me which I cannot stop…. I am totally lost!” thus was complaining a man of mid thirties over the pressures in his day to day works to an elderly Well-wisher one day Evening….

The Well-wisher listened to him fully and said, “My dear! I understand that your friend Colleague was of much help to you and you should ever be grateful to such a Personality having come to your rescue in time.... And further, you cannot stop your own works too and you have to attend to them with all devotion…." the elderly paused for a while and continued...."But I have a question here…. How is that you, earlier could not do the so called your works in time and took help from this friend for that?  Had you been careful all along, this problem would not have come to you at all….”

“What are you talking, Sir? Where was the time for me to do all that?  Had my friend not supported me at that time…..”

“Dear! I understand that many times, works requiring more than 24 hrs would be with us and we cannot have an escape there other than completing them but there is equally a duty with us to finely segregate all works into the essential and non essential ones, attend to the essential ones on war footing and plan the non essential over a period of time so that their execution does not hamper with the essential.... Further to this, the distribution of all these works among the people responsible for doing them should be done in time and thus manage the affairs all along…. Instead here, you have taken up the whole on you at a time and thus when attempted doing the same, found impossible to do and the friend who was just on the scene looked like a Savior…. You instantly took his help like a drowning man in waters and came out of the situation…. My question here is….Why at all you came to a drowning stage through a neglect of your own proper planning and distribution of all these works?” 

While leaving the elderly smiled, patted the man and said, "Remember dear! God had given us exactly 24 hrs in a day not a little more nor less.... Here, we have to hasten else the time may run out but equally slow down so that we will have some time at our disposal.... This sure can be done, if we re-look once into the whole process of allocation Time and Resources.... Ultimately this is the only way with us....Doing both the actions in parallel continuously so that we 'DO' as well as 'RELAX' all the time!"


  1. Prioritization of work is indeed one of the essential ingredients of success. You write Precise and Useful points on personality development.

  2. Yes, It is for us to use the 24 hrs allotted to us in the most efficient manner

    1. And there alone lies our strength of facing the tough situations of life.... A Good Observation.... Thank you!