Friday, December 19, 2014

'Experience' alone Speaks thus!

The young man at the back of a good Qualification got into his first Employment.... On a day, his Boss called him and said, “I expect you work a little extra and finish your jobs in time!” 

The young man replied with all obedience, "Sir! My dad told me that I should listen to the Boss with all attention, take Orders from him, do a good work.... I will just follow what you say!"

Thus the young man started working more hrs on his job and soon earned a good name as a highly industrious person.... A few years passed and soon he was promoted to a higher Responsibility....

His new Boss said, “Here you are a Senior Member of our Organization at the back of a good Work Experience.... You have to Perform else it is difficult to survive in this Environment!”

The young man silently nodded his head conveying the message that he understood his responsibility and further started working with that Tempo....

Again, a few years rolled by.... The young man was then the man of mid thirties and got his next Promotion as the Group Head.... He was all along showing excellent performance on his job through timely deliveries when suddenly one day his Boss said in a firm tone, “I find your Group members not updating their skills on a regular basis and you are not motivating them properly in that context.... We cannot survive for long with this attitude a midst the tough competition around us!”

The man felt bad at these comments and replied, "Sir! According to my assessment, they are delivering the required in time.... Updating the skills can wait for the time being!" The Boss looked at him and kept quite....

He thus earned good reputation as Group Head and was soon promoted as Team Lead on a new Assignment and was busy motivating his Sub-ordinates and exposing them to the latest skills required in their jobs.... Years rolled on and the man entered mid forties....

One day the Boss said, "As a Team Lead, you have not yet taken the responsibility of a True Leader!"

The man felt bad and the next day tendered his resignation saying, "May be I am not in the Right Place!"

His experience was no less and in few days he got his Appointment as the Division Head of a blue-chip Company.... Soon, he earned the name of the best Leader at Work in the new Company and was doing a wonderful job....

His Boss called him one day and said, “My dear! You are now In-Charge at Divisional Level but this year Sales from your Division have not grown in Volumes the way the Top Management expected.... I don’t know what to say….”

The seasoned Executive just interrupted him and said, “Sorry, this is my resignation.... You may search for a better person in my Place....”

He thus got away from his second Company but in no time got appointed as one of the Corporate Executives of another Company.... All was fine and a year passed…. And the determined man could bring the best possible profits for his new Company through increased sales….

One evening at a small meet, his Boss coolly told him, “I am sorry, dear! We wanted to retain you by all means.... But there is slump in the Market and the demand for our Products is temporarily down.... Presently, our Order book for the next year is thin.... Yesterday, it was decided in the Board Meeting....... The Company's finances can no more retain talent..........”

The man interrupted him with a smile and said, “Forget all this! I wanted to tell you equally an important thing from my side and I feel this is the right time for that…. Shortly, I am going for my own Company and there, I have a Requirement at the Top Level.... Are you interested? I just want to see my Company come up and perform the best.... And salary wise.... Here, there is no limit....... ”