Wednesday, December 10, 2014


The boy of 14 yrs just missed the last 2 classes to witness a Football Match with his friend which he very well knew that if his Mom came to know about that, she would question him beyond.... The friend too knew that very well.... Further to that incident, the boy was psychologically under certain pressure not to displease his friend for some time….

He was soon into the College and one day he went to the newly released favorite movie without informing at home…. There was certain tension in him when he met one of his neighborhood boys in the Theater who greeted him…. Subsequent to that the then grownup boy started smiling and greeting the neighbor and befriended him in the greater interest that the new friend would not disclose at home his visit to the Theater ….

He was soon an young man of 25 yrs straight away  moved to a good job…. In some time, there were a few tense moments at Work as the Boss commented on him beyond and he in turn confided his displeasure to a Colleague by criticizing the Boss beyond…. Subsequent to that, the young man was under under pressure for a while to be extra soft with the Colleague so that he would not convey those very words to the Boss….

It was a serious interaction with the Customer Rep when the matured man cum Manager of 40s was squarely put under pressure by the Customer to accept a few of his unreasonable demands…. When the Manager just showed a little resistance, the Customer remarked, “I know how you people actually Work and Produce our items for which our Company is paying a high price….Do you want me………….?” Instantly as a Manager, he was under pressure to bowdown as he knew very well the mistake from his side….

Soon he was the Senior Executive of his Division…. There was a tiff with his Big Boss one day for which the Big Man instantly got into a disciplinary action mode on comparatively a smaller issue which he knowingly allowed earlier…. In no time, the Senior Executive was under great pressure to say sorry to the Top Man and thus comeback to the safe level of operation…..

Finally, one day the man touched 60 and retired.... The next day as he was relaxing at Home, the telephone rang up…. “Hi! Dear! How are you doing?.................  Yaar! There is some bad News for few of us who bought the Real Estate Property in……… It seems, a few Papers are not authentic and there is some Litigation coming up…. I wish to say.... We are under Pressure at this moment.... And we should set right one mistake which we knowingly allowed while going for this Property…. Don’t worry, we will personally meet the Big Man whom we questioned a little more earlier and will please him…………… It seems, that’s the only way here….. Let’s come to some attention now…..Tomorrow, I am sending you the required Documents…….”

The Old man finally got exhausted of being under constant pressure to bow down to others throughout his life! 


  1. All our lives we face so many pressures at different levels. Nice story.

  2. We always experience pressures in different stages of our life, amazing story....

    1. Yes! they are inevitable in our life but we can always do our bit to be away from the wrong as much as possible.... Thank you!