Sunday, December 21, 2014


Two men were together for a while with a 5 Point Formula with them....

Produce the consumed or equivalent to that,
Earn sufficiently to lead a decent life,
Allow forever the Right Actions alone,
Control spending and
Exist thus eternally!

The word 'PEACE' was very much there in the Proposal itself!

Both were in total agreement with 4 points but the 3rd one was not accepted in total by the second man....

"It's equally an important point and a few times more than the rest.... This man never concurs on that.... I can't change him here but at the same time I cannot take him into confidence and truly call him as my friend.... Let me see for a while!" were the thoughts and perceptions of the first man at the back of day to day interactions....

"I agree here for this man's 4 points a hundred percent but in respect of the third one.... I wish to differ.... I've seen people, in the name of Righteous Conduct, living a life not worth mentioning.... Not able to expand and do the best in life.... No doubt, broadly I have to follow the Right and do the Right.... But once in a way or in circumstances where it is seen very much as normal not making an impact at all, it is foolish there too to follow the Right.... It's equally waste of time and energies to go into minute details there.... What I get extra here is going out somewhere else... Let me just balance the plus and minus thus.... I cannot change this man but I never want to be a fool in life... Instead, I want to be living the life of a practical man...." were the thoughts and perceptions of the second man....

Days passed quickly into months and soon into years....

Yes! The Power of Right forever kept the first man humble, simple and stable and he was totally a man of
'PEACE' in life!

But for the second man the Ever Green Message

Little wrong multiplied in time quickly
okays the same seeing the disproportionate returns and may try to
Settle as the way of life but sooner or later is
Totally zeroed down leading to the ultimate fall with no way of escape in front....

i.e finally 'LOST' in life too was there in the Proposal itself which the second man did not care even a bit to look at!

Thus quickly followed the sure steps of the 'Great Fall' starting at the back of a sweet beginning....

"This is no great wrong…. It's just the way of life…."
Subsequently, when the extras were seen….
"This is the actual life! Without all these, this life is really meaningless…."

Later, when the extras started asserting….
"Now you see, how things around you move and glow! What is the use of all those Principles?" 
In few years, when the same firmed up, the single aim was….
"Let me live like a King!"
After living thus for some years and gone too much in that direction, the then thoughts were....
"How can I leave all this? Forget about wrong and all that stuff…. Let me first make use of......."

And finally on the day when cornered squarely for all the Wrongs done….

“Oh my God, what will happen now? What is the way out for me? Now no Money, no Influence, no Power seems to Work…. I am squarely caught in a vicious circle! Why did I at all enter this unethical path? Even Gods will not forgive me now…. My own people who were so close earlier, now feel that I am only the cause for their suffering…. The honest man who was off from this track from the beginning is today with all Peace, Happiness and Contentment in his life and carries his own Respect in the society.... He thus achieved the Ultimate in his life where as at one stroke, I lost everything in my life!"  

He was thus totally a 'LOST' man in his life!


  1. Your anecdotal posts are always enlightening! Keep it up!

  2. Thank you very much.... I'll sure try to contribute my might!