Friday, December 5, 2014

The 'Sacred Golden Path!'

A man of mid thirties was too ambitious beyond the limits.... Often, he used to discuss with people around and ascertain in his talk that earning a ‘big money’ for the self and family would ultimately be the only way to be happy in life.... Naturally, that much ‘big money’ would come only when one treads a different path of earning not bothering too much for Ethics in life….

“This is equally required in today’s world…. Else life has no meaning at all….You and your people would suffer, progress comes to a halt and there would be shortages everywhere…. Finally one would become a frog in the well and should forcibly satisfy himself / herself that his / her whole world is only that! What’s the use of such a life? I have one life and let me live that the best!” he used to assert all the time and was very much in that thinking….

At that time, one night he had a strange dream with him in which he experienced himself as a bunch of Sugarcane Plantations in a corner of huge Sugarcane Field thus identifying himself with a cluster of Sugarcane Plants....

At midnight, as he was relaxing in field happily tossing to and forward with the gentle breeze blowing over, he could hear a soft talk nearer a midst the Plantations....

“Don’t make any sounds…. It appears the Watchman is on his rounds…. Let’s hide for the present behind this thick Bunch of Crop….”

Soon the Watchman foot steps were heard coming nearer but retreating slowly after a while….

“Aah! He had gone…. He won’t be around here for another 2 hrs…. Let’s start our work….. Hey! Look at this Bunch…. Have you seen this closely? I never saw such a huge Sugarcane Plantations…. We are really lucky…. Let’s just take only this one Bunch with us and that’s enough…. It really sells for a big price in the Market…. We need not go round the field at all….What do you say?”

“You said it right…. This Cluster of Plantation looks too huge…. If we sell this in the Big Market, we straight away get ……… Rupees and that’s sure a fortune for us.….

“Actually, we should ask something more…. See, after all the juice is taken out, the left out Scrap too has a sizable value because of its high Calorific Value…. In this case, this Cluster is too big…. Let’s add that price too….”

“Yes! You reminded me that extra…. Good…. Today is our lucky day (night)…. Let’s now cut this, pack and take with us…. We can do this in just an hr’s time and we will be out from here at 2 AM by which time the Watchman may come back…. I’ll go and quickly get the sickle I left in the other corner…. You wait here!”

The dream was too much for the man…. Shivering out of fear, he suddenly woke up sweating all over and slowly noticed that he was quite safe in his own House and the whole Episode was just a dream!

No need to say….. The next moment, the man was in total ruptures….

"My fate too would be the same like the bunch of fat Sugarcane Crop in the end if I neglect now, become greedy and start earning monies with both hands never caring for Ethics of life which constantly stress upon the honest way of Earning and Giving in Charity apart from using the monies for decent living, growth and development of myself and my family…. Thank God, the dream had truly opened my eyes and made me firm up not get into this wrong mode of living…. If I embrace an Ethical life, ultimately I may have only few riches which are very much required as backup but beside such monies, good people with good heart alone will be around who forever will have respect for me and for my monies and be ever ready to do only the ‘Right’ in that context!”


  1. great lessons in all your posts! Thanks!

    1. Thank you for your appreciation.... A very good Comment on these Pages....