Friday, January 23, 2015


The mother was unhappy…. The two and half yr old Little One was not listening to her…..

“Eat that food” she ordered…. The child with a smile on his face took the food near to his mouth and threw it down…..

She was annoyed….

“Unless you eat, I will not buy you your toy I promised to get tomorrow evening....” she showed her resentment….

The child did not listen to her…. “Let’s go to the Playground now” she said and took him there…. All the while, she kept total silence….

At play, as usual many children were around and the kid was left with them.... Within half hr, there was a scuffle and a complaint came up that the little boy troubled another kid of the same age….

The mother became furious, instantly cut down the play time and brought the child back home.... “Hereafter, I am not going to take you anywhere and I will not buy you anything….Go and do what you want!" she with all firmness passed on her decision and kept quite….

The child looked here and there but the mother never yielded.... His only reference was his mother and when she thus became tough, for a while he pretended bravely that he could put up….That was the limit, soon it resulted in a big cry and subsequently comforted by his mother, he slept off in no time….

The next day being a Holiday, the family was on its usual Outing in the Evening.... On the way, the kid was looking at all his Play Items in the Shops, his favorite Eating Place and the Fun Center for Kids…. He was closely but silently following the mother with a fear that if he would ask her anything, she might cut him off further…. It was thus about an half hr out...

Suddenly, there was a broad smile on the mother's face.... That lighted instantly a 1000 Watt bulb on the face of the child...That's all....

The kid returned home with so much happiness of his life, fully satisfied with the Evening he spent having great Excitement and ample fun and was eagerly looking at and trying to play with all that he purchased and brought home…. The mother was behind him with her own sweet questions....

“Dear! How was your favorite drink at the Eatery?”

“How was the Play at ‘Snakes and Ladders?’

“We bought you a new bicycle from the Store…. Do you like it?"

“Do you like the new Aeroplane bought in your Toy shop? Will you show it to your friends tomorrow?"

“Do you like your Mommy?”

"So…You will listen to me....You will eat all the healthy food I give you daily…. And when you play with your friends, you will never hurt them but keep friendship…. Do you promise this?”

The child with a big smile nodded his head for everything the Mom had asked and hugged his mother tight…. The mother took him and comforted him and in no time the little one went into blissful sleep in the lap of his mother with her love eternally spread on him!

God was in all smiles from above....

'That's why I created the Mother on the Earth.... Whatever said and done and whatever be the actions/reactions, the Ever Single Aim in this Bonded Relation is an ultimate betterment, refinement, learning, growing, improving and thus become useful in life and no other interest can have a place here at any point of time in One's life!'