Sunday, July 25, 2021


I was tired beyond. I had to struggle day and night for maintaining the minimum required in the situation in front. I had to arrange for many things.

Whatever it be, the Function had to take place without a single setback..

With those unending thoughts, I went to bed at 12 midnight to catch up few hrs of sleep keeping my alarm at 5 AM..

It was 5 AM, I got up, quickly got ready in one hr time and moved on my pending errands exactly at 6 AM with the

Required cash,
Few valuables and
Important documents

In a small brief case and wallet to the near by market to buy a few left out items. The plan was to buy the final items quickly and move to the Function Spot reaching there by 11 AM sharp..

Soon I entered certain unexpected traffic jam in those early hrs and my car started moving at snail's pace..

Losing precious time.. What to do?

No go, it took more than an hr to reach the market compared to the usual time of 20 mts in those hrs..

Lo.. There was no parking space available in the entire parking area..

No go, I had to park my car on the road side with no time to know whether parking was allowed there or not..

Again I lost my precious time of half hr..

As I entered the market, I found too many people and a lot of push and pull around with some more time lost..

Yes.. It's 0800 hrs.. I should have been here by 0630hrs..

Precious one and half hrs lost..

I should speed up..

Yes.. I did and along with that my take care went inversely proportional and in the process..

Suddenly I noticed that the brief case in my hand was snatched away at one stroke.. 

Got stunned, I instantly stood there motionless and a few noticed my uneasiness but as the crowd was swelling, they couldn't help much..

I instantly reached for my phone but found that too lost and further my wallet with driving license, car registration, cash in purse, a few checks etc too taken away. The trickster very quickly played the most cruel game on me..

I had no phone to talk, all phone contacts lost, documents gone and thus not able to do anything quickly moved towards a shop to call from their landline my person whose number I remembered and take his help..

"Sir! yesterday rains cut off the phone connections in this area!"

I got reply from the man..

Quickly I ran back to my car to drive straight to the spot and do something. As I reached the place to my dismay, I found my car removed from the area..

Some one was commenting,

“You parked the Car in a wrong place. They removed the vehicle. You have to go to…………”

I was totally at my wits end. Nothing could be done instantly. The 'Whole Life' appeared lost once for all. I started weeping within out of total desperation..


Suddenly there was a big crackling sound ‘And then I woke up.’ from my deep sleep and in few minutes found myself on my bed intact with nothing happened. Oh.. God! Yes.. It was just a bad dream only and the Function could go on with all vigor as planned..

But that seemed to be not the end to my the then thought stream. The dream had truly made me think beyond for a while..


What's the point in feeling that all this I myself will do to perfection when anything can happen at any moment?

Truly speaking, I'm not at all the doer here.. There's just 

A duty in front of me, 
I'm doing that job to the core and 
More than that I needn't and shouldn't own anything there..

No doubt, it's not easy and many times not all that easy.. Sure, I'll be taken over by the feeling of ownership unknowingly even though I determine 100% today to do that way..

But still seen from any angle, trying my best in that line as much and further be doing that as much alone appeared to be


For me continue living this life on earth!

The Post is written for this week's IndiSpire Prompt..

If everything is coming your way, you’re in the wrong lane. #WrongLane

‘This post is a part of Write Over the Weekend,

an initiative for Indian Bloggers by BlogAdda.’



  1. A beautiful post which reflects the right attitude in carrying out our responsibilities. Enjoyed reading it.

  2. Loved this post. It made me think! We could be in the right lane but everything else in the wrong lane can conspire and come at us forcing us to either slow down or be lose ourselves in the rush!

    1. Thanks Radhika for the compliment on the Post.. Yes.. You confirmed saying what I wanted to convey thru'the Post.. Wishes!