Saturday, January 17, 2015


The day was too tiresome and the time was 3 PM. The weather was hot, little cloudy and sultry. At 60, it was my usual time of returning home after completion of small works for the day as at that time the buses usually would be less crowded.

Suddenly the sky was overcast with thick black clouds and in no time the brightness around was down. Soon a strong wind and rain started lashing and I quickly got into my bus which arrived in time. As I got in, I just glanced around and instantly noticed that the bus was full of young boys and girls returning from their schools and colleges.

I quickly sat in my window seat offered by a chivalrous boy who was in that seat next to another elderly man and decided to dry myself. But the rain had no consideration for me to do all that and in no time started hitting the glass panes left and right, the sound had increased quickly and soon gone beyond..

All boys and girls instantly downed the glass shutters to avoid the rain hitting them and it was quiet for a while except for their usual bustle and care free expressions!

As I looked out thru' the glass pane of my window seat, I saw the glass pane slowly becoming hazy with mist and with the outside visibility vanishing in no time. 3 PM time just looked like 6 PM!

The rain increased, the road was deserted and the bus was ploughing through the rain waters with somewhat a lesser speed. Soon, the lightening and thunder added to the confusion followed by blinding lights and roaring sounds. For a while, it was a total let down of the situation as Nature was 'all' into it.

As I wanted to see my instant location on road, I simply rubbed on the inside of my window to look out.

Oh.. That is all!

No sooner I did that, the boys and girls around were simply excited and thrilled.

  • All sitting in front, behind, the other side and some at a distance behind me started rubbing with their fingers and hands on the glass panes vigorously. 
  • It was a one time activity by many sitting around, those standing near commenting on their attempts and guiding them; all of a sudden such a great bustling and jovial atmosphere around.. 
  • And the weather and fog inside covered up their rubbings in no time!
It was a great fun for a while.. Write something; it soon goes away!
  • One had written his name on the glass pane and it vanished slowly.. 
  • One wrote what the teacher taught him for the day and observed the same beautifully going off.. 
  • One girl drew the figure of rose on her side window and added rain around.. 
  • One boy wrote his friend's name I suppose; but another by the side seeing me observing signaled to him to rub it off and he quickly did that.. 
  • A young college student who appeared to be studious wrote a simple Maths equation on the pane and the equation merged with the Nature slowly.. 
  • A cute little girl in front of me next to the window beautifully rubbed her nose itself on the glass pane! 
The fun thus went on, seemed endless but as I looked out, I noticed that the rain started coming down with huge volumes of waters gushing on the road below the wheels of bus. And the bus slowly moved on thus and came to the final destination!

All of us got down from the bus..
  • The boys ran scattered in groups jumping in the gushing waters, making themselves dirty but never stopped playing and throwing waters all round. They thus moved towards their homes and slowly vanished from the scene.. 
  • The girls got down from the bus, neatly walked out of waters and further walked down the lane heading their homes..
As I started walking towards my home, I noticed that all the bustle, fun, ingenuity and excitement were no more around me and I was left as usual with my own loneliness and life of my age..

The Nature around me too was calm.. A few birds started chirruping and all that thunder, lightening, hitting rain and gushing waters slowly receded along with the vanishing acts of young boys and girls..

Suddenly, I felt a unique sensation at my heart..

The Nature and people around are One; as the Nature roars, they too jump and as the roar in Nature calms down, they equally calm down busying themselves in their own activities!

What a jovial coincidence! Can there be another such enjoyable scene I would ever experience in my life?

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  1. This was such a nice read! You have narrated in such a simple manner.

  2. Loved the concept of unity with nature :)

  3. Only a calm mind can notice all the small things happening around. Good story. Keep posting.

    1. Thanks Arun! I try my best to bring out the Right thru' these columns....

  4. Very nicely written Sreedhar ji..... Loved the way u narrated the boys and girls writing on the window panes!!

  5. Loved reading it. I rarely read complete posts, but this one kept me interested till the end. Thanks !

    1. Thanks for taking interest in going thru' my post even though it's a bit lengthy....

  6. Beautifully narrated. I had a real sense of 'being there'.

    1. A fifty percent of it was a true experience of mine round which I could perceive the Oneness feeling with Nature.... Thanks for the good Comment!

  7. Nice to read your narration of the joyful event triggered by rain. Such are the simple joys of life!

    1. You said it very much right, Somali! Thanks for the good comment!

  8. Beautifully and innovatively done, sir !

  9. A nice read indeed and it is a beautiful feeling to be in oneness with Mother Nature... :-)

    1. Your comments are truly Poetical, Maniparna! Thanks for the appreciation....

  10. OMG!! Your simple words made me wet with the way you have showered down your experience.