Wednesday, January 21, 2015


It's a pleasure to say thru' these pages that I have been nominated for the Very Inspiring blogger Award by Sri Arora and I thank him for the same and I try my best to meet the expectations of him as well as of other renowned Bloggers if not directly.

As I learned thru his Blog Post, I understand that I should speak 7 points on myself and should nominate 15 other Bloggers from my Network for the Nomination of the same Award.

Here I would present humbly what I am outside and within myself to the best of my knowledge thru' all these years of my life.
  1. I worked and retired as Aircraft Designer from M/s HAL, Bangalore with a Service of 38 yrs in the Organisation.
  2. My family comprises of myself, my wife, a son and two daughters plus the extended family members.
  3. I visited many places on the Globe and traveled extensively in USA and thus familiarized myself with the different Societies and Cultures around us.
  4. As on date I have posted more than 900 Articles in my Blog, some of them need editing and I am continuously doing that in my left out time after completion of my basic works.
  5. My Topics mainly cover Practical Philosophy of life in our day to day activities seen from different angles of living.
  6. I strongly believe that my Salvation ever lies in discharging my duties with me defined by the Sacred System around wherein the welfare of the related people is very much stressed upon.
  7. The last point which I constantly think of in my life is.... Life has  its own beauty as well as turbulence as it comes up to me and I have to necessarily live thru' this....  Here having a discipline of constantly doing good around thru' my work at the back of a firm Faith in Almighty alone appears to be my job at this moment as I live thru' this life.... Rest is purely is His Will alone!
At the back of this intuition in me, my Blog 'Reflecting on Life' often Speaks!

I hereby nominate 15 Blogs of Stalwart Bloggers in the field whose great intuition of blogging is so much evident through their day to day Postings on Indivine and other prominent Blog Areas....
  1. frozen moments
  2. Scattered Thoughts
  3. Ananya Tales 
  4. Sweta-Lifes like that
  5. Sunshine n Blue Clouds
  6. Quest for more
  7. Scribble and Scrawl
  8. Travel Tales from India
  9. My World
  10. Random Photography
  11. My Yatra Diary
  12. Virtuous Quatrains
  13. Walking barefoot on broken glass 
  14. The Turning Point  
  15. Tulips and Me
I congratulate all of you above Bloggers and to say openly 15 numbers is really very much limited in this scenario since there are equally well known Bloggers beyond my Network of mutual connections wherein I am simply limited to assess.... I request the nominated Bloggers to follow the Very Inspiring Blogger Award Rules as follows:
  • Display the Award on your Blog....
  • Notify back to the Blogger who nominated you....
  • Say 7 points about you....
  • Nominate 15 Bloggers for the Award, link them and inform them about the nominations....
Sincerely Yours



  1. Congratulations Sir!
    I love your reflections of life, the short stories and narrations. We can relate to them and learn valuable lessons of life.

  2. Congratulations... it is a pleasure to read your blogs.

  3. Congratulations :)
    Reading your posts, I gain a lot, thanks for sharing your thoughts in a beautiful and simple manner.

  4. 900 posts! Amazing!
    It is a great pleasure to read your posts. Congrats on your award.

    I am truly humbled to see my blog in your list of nominations.
    Thank you very much.

    1. Thanks Indrani! A really good Comment on these Pages!

  5. Congrats Sir! Your posts are really inspiring and make me think :-)

    Nice to see my name up there..thanks a lot for the honour, I'm humbled.
    It's also nice to know a little bit about you. Wish you would be soon completing your 1000th post wishes and happy blogging :-)

    1. Thanks Maniparna for your good wishes.... Hope I do complete the work here!

  6. Congratulations Sreedhar !
    I am overwhelmed to receive this nomintaion from a great blogger like you,
    Thank you so very much, really appreciate it :)

    1. Thanks Ananya! You really write well even though a few of the topics are not for my age group....Best wishes!

  7. Congratulations Sir and Thank you so much for nominating me. Its an honor to feature in your list. Thanks :) Will soon do a post on my blog for accepting the award.
    Best wishes and regards :)

    1. Thank you Deepa! Hope I had done my humble bit here well!

  8. Congrats sir ! I love reading about the simple, yet profound truths of life on your blog.

    1. Thanks Abhi! It's ultimately God's Grace that works here! Best Wishes....

  9. So nice to read about you. I will try my best to pick up the award once I come back from my travel around 1st Feb.

    1. Thank you for the appreciation and thanks for the interest shown.... Best wishes!