Monday, February 2, 2015


### The Little One was too naughty....

Very often, he used to play with his Grand Mom falling on her repeatedly almost stamping her out of her energies....

The other day, he just jumped on her with all his might with a creaking sound on the bed and the Grand Mom instantly shouted, "Oh! I'm gone!"

The next moment, the child got away from her, looked at her keenly for a few seconds and with a big smile on his face shouted back, "You are there!"

###  As the child's activities were going beyond the safe level, The Grand Pa decided on a concrete plan of keeping his mischievous activities under check for a while....

Whenever the Little Boy standing on the huge bed started jumping continuously precariously going to the edges or started rolling over the bed violently thus invariably going to the edge, the elderly man showing his favorite toy used to warn him saying.... "Dear! If you are on the edge, I 'll throw this out of the house!"

The Little One instantly used to shout back.... "No No No.... Don't do that....I'll be in the Center!'

The Grand Pa was jubilant that he could control the boy in no time.... And whenever the boy appeared to be on the edge of the cot, that one Mantra alone worked instantly....

That day morning the old man was sitting on the edge of the bed talking to the boy....

Suddenly, the Cute Boy shouting aloud, "You are on the edge.... Now, I 'll throw the toy out!" instantly took out the same favorite toy and threw out of the house to the great amusement of every one around!

###  On another day, the boy was given a quiz.... The Grand Pa asked, "Dear! what is 2+3?"

The boy was not knowing the reply.... The Grand Ma took him near and whispered in his ears..."It's 5!"

The next moment, the child looked at his Grand Pa and said with a big smile, "It's 5!" in a very low whispering tone!


  1. Beautiful. Grandparents are the best.

    1. Thanks Mridula! Some Inspiration from the day to day observations of happenings around....