Wednesday, February 4, 2015


“Sir! You should help me out in this pestering problem of mine.... I know, you are the right person here to seek a Good Advice.... The issue is.... You know, that friend of mine, the great Mr........... My God! What trouble this man is giving me these days! Am sure, he will soon be punished for all this…. I tell you, what happened is...............”

“Don't worry dear! You should definitely end all this nonsense and I can sure help you out here.... In my life so far, I advised many people with such personal problems .... And I am sure you too will soon come out of all this turmoil.... I just tell you basically what you should do here..... ”

“Yes, Sir! That's why I came to you…. Before that, please tell me one thing.... I want to be simple in life and move along as smoothly as possible.... My Philosophy of living is not to interfere with people.... But still if this man is forever ready to attack me, what else I can do?  Sooner or later I should show him his place….”

“Yes, dear! I too feel that that's the only right way here.... Postponing issues will only worsen the situation.... I tell you, straight away go to him and.... ”

“I'll tell you one Incident…. That day, I was very busy with my work….You know my work and how it pushes on …… I was very busy struggling and breaking my head with those problems.... At that moment only, he came to me and said............... I was simply taken a back, with his words…. I don't understand, what he thinks of himself...."

“Yes! You said it and every time it happens like that only…. You should just meet him and say...........”

"I controlled myself and tried not to show my anger because after all, I' m a gentleman and given a chance I can't do like him…. So I coolly said……”

“OK! You have done it that way.... Leave that there only…. But you should never yield here.... It's going to be a big mistake if you do it.... I tell you, the right action here is....”

“One minute, Sir! Let me tell you the rest of the story.... He was not leaving me there…. From one issue to another…. He soon pulled me into the net of his issues and I could not cut him off…. That way he manages so well to please the other man….”
“I am saying dear, here alone you should be careful…. You should not be trapped like this anymore…. Take my this wise advice and you will be once for all freed from all this….”

“So…. He started like that and soon he looked like a close person…. I had no go there but to allow him tell his issue…. Then he started narrating his problems…. Of course, he has certain issues with him but who is not free from problems in life?”

"Yes, you said it! Who is not free from problems? And if you yield here, you will have these problems again and again…. You should end this once for all.... That's why, I tell you…….”

“When I see a little deeper, I sometimes feel that he has more problems in life than me…. That’s why he is behaving like this…. If I imagine myself in his place....Oh! I cannot even think of it.... By God’s Grace, at least I am free there….”

“That’s how you become weaker…. I tell you, don't yield here and hit at the problem straight away.... The man causing the issue is to be once for all made alright.... The best way here is...."

“OK! Sir! Let me forget all these things…. After all, he too is a human being like me and how can I find fault with my next man so easily that too a close friend and one who is loaded with problems from every side…. If I really do that, God will never forgive me in this life…. Let me forget all this and be only a friend of him here… Why all this hatred in this short life? We don't know, what is in store for us the next moment …. Anyhow, Sir! Thanks a lot…. I had a good talk with you…. Sorry. I've to go now…. My boy will be waiting for me….. See you, Sir.... Bye!”



  1. Some people are like that only.

    1. Yes! Often, openly speaking out myself settles many scores in my life....

  2. But the listener had so much patience!

    1. Yes! But the Listener never bothered to advise the young man in the right way....Actually many problems of our life are solved by time itself as well as self introspection.... Any Advisor should always allow this as well as see that he never advises on cutting off from people through hatred.... Thanks for the nice Comment!

  3. Yes, many times when you recite the incident to some one, you realise this is such a petty issue to react.
    And we should be able to find good listener, and be one too.

    1. Rightly said... As we discuss our issues, many things unfold which were never seen before.... Time, essentially is the key element here for solutions to many problems of our life! Thanks for the good comment!

  4. Sometimes while explaining the problem to someone, you understand the situation and person much better.... :)
    Nice post Sir...

    1. Thanks Arpita! You said it right... As we start discussing the issues in front, that itself shows many times, the way out!