Sunday, February 22, 2015


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It was the first Flight experience for the man of mid thirties….He had a few apprehensions about the safety of flying…. Once such fear enters an individual's mind, in no time it does its own devil’s work unless the man affected takes pains, learns as much as possible 'what is what' in the right spirit and thus becomes realistic.... Unfortunately, the man in picture never attempted anything in that direction or none around him too knew his problem.... Over and above for him, the journey had to be performed and there was no go there!

So, when the D-day arrived the man mechanically moved to the Airport in the evening hrs, Checked-In, boarded the Aircraft and occupied his seat…. 

Every one around him was seen happily chit-chatting among themselves and appeared quite relaxed.... 

But before starting itself, for the man with the initial tension about his safety, the entire atmosphere simply looked strange and unfriendly!

The Aircraft having been towed away from the Terminal Area, moved slowly on the Taxiway as the Safety Procedures were announced on the PAS and soon positioned itself on the Main Run way for take off …. 

With roaring sounds of the huge Jet Engines followed by shaking itself under the take off speed the Aircraft beautifully smoothed into the skies with a few side ward movements and started steadily gaining height as the experienced travelers coolly sitting in their seats enjoyed the smooth lift up.... 

But the man surrounded by immense fear and lack of any knowledge of flying instantly thought that the Aircraft somehow got into air passing through a difficult time!

In a short time, the huge Flying Bird reached the max height and leveled off….Further as the cruising continued, certain announcements were made and a few refreshments served a midst the cheerful faces of the Passengers....

En route, there were a series of jolts as the Aircraft passed through certain turbulent zone as a normal part of the travel…. Instantly, the seat belt signs were ‘ON’ and there was a PAS announcement in respect of that…. As the severity of jolts increased, the Cabin Crew were instructed to stop serving temporarily, go back to their seats and wait for the turbulence to pass as a normal procedure followed in such instances….

But the man's predisposed mental state about the safety, just confirmed very much at the back of a firm conviction that the Aircraft got into a bad situation and was struggling to come out!

The turbulent zone having crossed, the Aircraft once again began cruising smoothly…. The seat belt signs went off next to that and the Cabin Crew resumed their Service once again….

The Level Flight continued for 2 hrs…. And finally, the last phase of the journey, Landing was announced and the landing preparations started….

As the evening twilight slowly merged into darkness as seen through the windows, the Aircraft smoothly descended to the designated lower height and was making circles over the destination City, a number of twinkling lights seen all over the area with thick white smoke coming up from a corner….

The Cabin Crew were asked go to their seats and the cabin lights were switched off for the planned landing….The Gear was put down and locked as the Aircraft made a turn for final decent with the usual noise and vibration of the process....

Unfortunately, the highly tensed up man by that time thought at the back of  the sound and vibration of the operation that the Aircraft had simply cracked.... And naturally, that was the limit for him! He could no more control his anxiety in himself and with a shaking voice asked the Passenger next to him near the window, “Sir!  Are we 'IN' for trouble?”

The Co-passenger who happily slept off for most part of the journey, just got up refreshed, looked out and instantly recognized the City below.... Seeing the thick smoke emanating from a corner,
 he suddenly recounted the Morning News he read in the News Papers of the extensive looting and arson that took place in the strife-torn City of his journey, looked at the man and said with a little worried tone, 

“Yes Sir, it appears all is not alright at this point of time…. It is better we be prepared for any eventuality.... Really a bad time for us to travel.... I feel we should quickly get off from here at the earliest!”

And that truly was the ultimate for the man already shivering with the morbid fear of his own safety!


  1. True, sometimes life teaches us in a different way. :-)

    1. You said it right.... Thanks for the good Comment!

  2. And how we talk at cross purposes!

    1. Yes! The frequencies sometime differ too widely!

  3. Ha ha ha..yes, we keep doing this. A wonderful message, wrapped in humour, so well conveyed!!! We ought to be good listeners.

    1. Yes, Susmit! But when fear strikes, nothing works so easily! Thanks!

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    1. I very much agree with you! It happens in few individual cases... Thanks for the right Comment!