Friday, February 13, 2015


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The day was a 'Very Special Day' for the Rich and Aristocratic family of the Town.... It was a 'Great Event' of the year as the Little One just completed two years on that day! No doubt to say, the child there was the center of attention of every one…. And the proud family decided to conduct the Event with much Pomp and Show….

The time was 'ON', the guests started pouring in quite a good number and 'Blessings and Good Wishes' for the Child were all round…. Most of the guests vied with each other to present the Costliest Gifts for the Little Boy so that the elders of the family were truly pleased as that would be indirect blessings for them too.... Wide choices of dresses, varieties of toys and ornamental gifts costing thousands of Rupees were floating all around! The Child was praised, patted and the good wishes were conveyed with almost a big bang….

A few toy gifts were opened up then and there both by some of the guests and the hosts to show to the Little One the amusing items indirectly assessing the worth of those and the worth of the people behind those gifts.... The drama no doubt was invariably ON within the minds of hosts if not in all but cheerfulness and smiles were on outward faces.... A few guests too were no less there and their talk a bit distinct and louder was simultaneously heard around....

  • "This toy we specially selected for the cute boy when we were on our tour abroad visiting the Places.........."
  • "We roamed the entire Market Place and finally picked up this unique gift.... Here the specialty is..................... and can you guess what the shop man quoted as the price? It's..........."
  • "This piece of yellow metal was specially selected abroad near the famous........ when we had gone there on our half yearly............"
  • "Last summer we had been to this beautiful Scenic Spot....... My God! You should see the Place at least once in your life time.....There, we selected this piece in a Corner Shop famous for the very famous Items to gift on Special Occasions, of course keeping in mind the Little One's.........."

Subsequent to all that talk, certain Event Programs were conducted a midst loud clapping and chorus singing….

All the while, the Working men and women around were strictly instructed to clean up the area continuously keeping all the rubbish discorded to a corner two rooms away and the Orders no doubt were implemented in toto!

For a while, the family members were busy talking to the guests a few carefully weighing their words and seeing the reactions from them and some guests too invariably being in the same tempo …. The atmosphere was totally filled with extra attention, careful movements, over politeness and constant comparisons.....

Suddenly a member of the family noticed that the child moved from the Central Hall without none of their knowledge…. No doubt, it was a small tension for a while…. The guests too noticed the same and in no time all together started searching for the boy…. But the tension just lasted a few minutes only when someone noticing the child two rooms away shouted from there…."No Worries please...He is safe here!”

Instantly every one rushed to the point …. Yes! The Little One there was happily sitting in a corner to the relief of all blissfully playing a 'Unique Game' of his own not bothered to notice the people that came in….

With a bright colored discarded Carton of one of the cheapest toys in one hand and a thrown away Color Paper used to wrap the costliest jewelry gift in the other moving them rapidly in air followed by rubbing on ground and noticing with inexplicable smile on his face as the Carton and the Color Paper glittered in the semi darkness making a crackling sound in air!


  1. Loved it Sir. In fact, not just the child the basic need of every living being (not humans alone) very simple. But we complicate the life assuming the world to be complicated.

  2. I like the observations you make. Guests do make dialogues like that and children often are busy in a game of their own.

    1. Thanks Indrani, for the appreciation.... You said it very much right!

  3. Children often wander away nearby, but suddenly finding a child missing can create chaos in a perfectly relaxed atmosphere.

    1. Yes, Madam.... It's a big tension for the family members a few times and it happens too once in a way.... Thanks for the good observation!

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    1. Yes... It's a bit thought provoking as I look at it.... Thank You very much!

  5. Acute observation. Most often, kids aren't interested in spectacular parties, but simple joys of life.

    1. You said it very much right.... Yes! Children are always like that.... Thanks for posting such a good comment on these Pages!