Tuesday, March 24, 2015


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### The Frequent Traveler Boss and his less traveled Assistant were travelling by Flight on their Outstation Duty.... The Aircraft took off, leveled and was cruising at constant speed the engines at their max roaring with uneasy sounds.... The Boss continued his seat belt fastened so that he wouldn't be disturbed because of turbulence en route, plugged in a pair of good ear plugs to avoid the engine noise and dozed off.... His wrist watch moved for a while and then stopped.... Soon having completed its level flight, the Aircraft descended to lower heights and at the back of necessary landing preparations started the final descent to the touch down point....

“Sir! We have reached.... The Aircraft is landing!” announced the Assistant loudly into his Boss' ears....

The Boss moved a bit with the ear plugs on, looked at his watch with half eyes open and instantly shouted at the Assistant, “What are you talking? Still 45 minutes flight time is there.... How can it land now? It's cruising at 33000 ft height! Are you clear?”

The Assistant fed up with the Boss' usual style of talk said with a sarcastic smile, “Yes, Sir! It's my mistake only.... As you said, the Aircraft is really cruising in skies at 33000 feet.... But, Sir! I am seeing a wonderful thing here.... There are trees, roads, vehicles and buildings too in the sky at this great height…. Isn't that strange, Sir?”

### A small Business Venture opened in the new Premises was shut for few days with a Board saying.... "Our Venture is just taking a new shape.... Please bear with us for a while!" The gentleman of 50s remarked, "It means the Business is closed... They don't simply say it!"

After a while, another similar Board appeared in front of a closed Eatery...."Under Renovation!" The gentleman again remarked, "Means the Business is down.... Got closed forever!"

The third time, the Board in front of a closed Shop of Quick Sales read, "Coming up shortly under a new Banner!" The gentleman was too proud, "My experience can never go wrong.... Coming up means gone down forever!"

The fourth time, a Board said.... "A surprise in offing.... You will soon come to know about it!" The gentleman laughed and commented, "Yes! it's sure a surprise.... The Business collapsed once for all.... We will surely know that shortly!"

Some one around remarked, "Sir! You don't know? Their New Shop is opened in our adjacent Mall in a Spacious Area a few days ago.... Many were invited on the day of Inauguration.... I was personally there on that day.... My God! How many new Products they displayed there.... It's really great!"

### A man left a good job in an earth quake prone area and took up a smaller one in a place relatively free from quakes…. But it so happened that often he was made to travel to the same place on Routine Office Work …. He was tensed up all the time and was told by his friends to take good advice from an Expert, known to suggest solutions for trivial problems of life….

Accordingly one day he met the said Expert, briefed him his problem saying, “Sir! I feel that the ground on which I stay should be firm and not shaky…. I am tensed up if I imagine that the same platform is not firm and can shake at any time!”

The Expert smiled and said, "No problem, dear! I'll make you strong in a minute.... See, presently you are a frequent traveler to this place because of this fear in you…. The Aircraft in which you travel too is not stable and shakes a few times in every travel…. Are you not cool there? It is similar to that here too living in this place.... Just think correctly, you can be cool!"

As the man soon took leave and left, the Expert was too enthusiastic to know the change he could bring in the man thru' his unique advice and accordingly after a couple of days made an enquiry with a friend of him on how the man was behaving after his advice…. The friend said in a worried tone, “Sir!  It has become worse now…. Presently he is afraid of traveling in Planes too!”