Thursday, March 26, 2015


It was the total war scenario and everywhere people lived through a constant fear all the time doubting every other man in the vicinity…. The News heard used to be twisted and presented in no time in a way that looked entirely different…. Such were the tensions and survival instincts around at the back of the wild and violent actions of Power Mongers and Fortune Makers…. The life was practically going on through hours of happenings and monitoring totally forgetting the concept of the next day….

A midst those turmoils of life, the differences between two predominant Groups of a particular Region became quite distinct…. In the prevailing confusion, one Group just took over the Ruling and started its own ruthless suppression of the the other Group…. When the other Group members were quickly branded as the potential enemies, their united strength broke down and soon surfaced at family level in fighting for survival….

In such a Scenario, it was the toughest moment for 4 families of the targeted Group…. And, the men of the families quickly worked out a plan and sent away their family members through a secret Route far away from the enemy....

Subsequent to that, they too tried their way out but unfortunately by that time, that Route was closed with the tight security around as the Rulers came to know that few people had escaped through the Route…. Thus the 4 men were squarely held up in their own place and there was no way in front of them to reach their families….

Having become desperate, the 4 decided somehow try and get out through the same Route in one of their jeeps and accordingly hatched out a meticulous plan….

One evening after it became quite dark, the 4 men dressed up like the Army Officers of the Ruler, sat in their vehicle 2 in the front and 2 at the back and straight drove to the point of the particular Exit Gate….

From a distance, they noticed the stringent supervising / checking of each vehicle passing through the Gate and their hearts sank in no time…. No doubt, the Guards at the gate were fully vigilant.... Every one’s heart was beating heavily and it appeared impossible to escape through…. And they very much knew what would happen to them if identified at the Gate.....

As they neared the Gate, the men noticed that three vehicles were in front of them, theirs was the fourth vehicle and the Sentry at the Gate lowered the barrier… Two Guards in Uniform with guns came forward to check the first vehicle….

Twenty minutes passed…. The men of the first vehicle were proving the best that they never belonged to their enemy Group going out on their own…. At length the first vehicle was let off….

It was not so for the second vehicle…. The men were of enemy Group in disguise and were squarely caught red handed…. They were made to get down the vehicle and quickly were taken into the darkness…. The 4 in the jeep distinctly heard the low voices of the people caught and the shouting from the Guards and....That sure was the limit!

Suddenly, the man in the rear seat shouted aloud in a shaking voice, “I can't take it any more.... We are gone!”

The Checking Guard Heard this and looked at the vehicle...

The man next to him said in a further louder tone, “Why so much delay? There is no point in waiting here…. Let's go back…. Everything appears to be out of control!”

The man in the driver's seat was desperate…. With an aggressive mode, he overtook the front vehicle and brought the vehicle near to the gate shouting at the top of his voice, “Senseless waiting.... We are squarely held up!”

As the vehicle suddenly came near to the gate, the Guard checking the earlier one, looked at the men from back and started moving towards the vehicle….

The front man next to driver saw this in the rear view mirror, he knew that it was their end…. In a total desperate mode that over took him instantly, he screamed with a shrill voice, "What's the hell going on here?”

The Guard heard the shrill voice, instantly waved his hand to the Gate Sentry to open the gate for the vehicle saluting the people in Uniform in the vehicle….

The men in the vehicle were in a total collapsed state by that time but the driver having seen the 'GREEN SIGNAL', instantly got enormous energy, at one stroke pulled away at zooming speed acknowledging the Salute of the Guard through a firm Hand Raise breathing heavily, the heart pounding at an audible level and sweating all over with the rest no way better and in no time escaped from the jaws of death into the Land of Eternal Freedom starting totally a new life!

This is one of the great inspiring stories of the World War as I heard in my younger days and composed here in my own words.... It's forever an inspiring story to me even to this day as I frequently used to look up to this story when I had to make 3 not smaller decisions in my life in respect of relocation.... Once due to certain personal problem and twice on Job Transfers to far off place in mid-life... 

These 3 instances of re-defining my life truly gave me a certain confidence and strength in me whatever be the stress and strain involved in the process.... They further firmed up a belief in me that actually my these problems are nothing compared to the great hardships faced by people of the world at large in relocating themselves to far, far places totally removed from their own cultures and surroundings for the ultimate survival and basic living and I should ever welcome any relocation and starting a new life on my behalf if that warrants a certain good in coming up future!

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  1. Thats truly an inspiring story :) Its for all of the four to stand by each other that got them out of danger :) Thank you for sharing.

    1. Yes, Shweta! Out of desperation, the four uttered those words which really helped them in the confusion.... Thanks for good Comment!

  2. Very inspiring story! Thank you for sharing with us.

    1. Thanks Indrani... Nice to know thru' your Post on the same Topic that you work for IAF if I am correct?