Thursday, April 30, 2015


  • The saying goes that marriages are made in heaven conveying a meaning that fate alone many times rules there as the actual married life is be physically lived on earth with lot of push and pull a few times making some feel a hell like environment around but all along the sincerity of the partners and presence of the good people from both sides of the relation alone are forever the assets here! 
  • Before marriage, friendship and wooing may look like a honeymoon experience but after marriage they definitely have to face the blazing sun and withstand which of course, does only the ultimate good in one's life.... 
  • Familiarity is forced to breed contempt every where unless one is quite attentive at every moment.... And the fact is... In marriage, the parties are too familiar! 
  • A few times, marriage may become a great pain and separation looks inevitable but that again has its own problems hitherto never imagined where in a lot of attention alone becomes the ultimate safeguard.... Further, one may wish for a better partner after separation but may end up with not so too in few cases! 
  • Saving a marriage may look like swallowing the pride; but pride in front of whom is the question as none else can really assure or guarantee the original dynamism back to life.... 
  • The moment the partner is out of scene, a few 'In-laws' hither to looked so close may look almost like outsiders instantaneously.. It's no wonder here because that's how the reality of life is woven around all of us! 
  • The golden discipline in married life is.... Carry Mutual respect for each and work to core for maintaining the same forever remembering the fact that a few around may look like very close people instantly but are definitely far less before the partner in fulfilling that single unique role!


  1. Very well worded ! I specially liked the point of 'better partner' as its a myth (Agreed, exceptions are there)
    Somebody once told me that we don't change our children despite HUGE differences, letdowns and failures which they sometimes prove to be ... then why life partner ? (again exceptions are there)

    1. Thanks Kokila.... A few Realities are penned down here!

  2. Couldn't agree more with your words, Sir.... the essence of the relation has been put forth nicely....

    1. Thanks Maniparna! A few Realities penned down! A good Comment on these pages!