Sunday, May 3, 2015


The daughter was at the Airport on her way to the Sister's house for a month's vacation. Due to certain circumstances, the dad saw her off at Home itself as he could not accompany her to the Airport.

"No need.. It's just half an hr journey by taxi and I can go myself. You relax!"

she assured him and bid bye to her dad and mom at home itself.

"There may be some extra weight problems. How do you take care if the weight is excess?"

casually asked her dad before leaving.

"Oh! Don't worry dad! We already weighed the bags and they more or less confirm to the weight allowed. The Airlines always give a margin. No prob, I can take care!"

she assured her dad with a smile. Soon she was at the Check-in Counter and after weighing the bags the gentleman at the Counter politely conveyed, 

"Ma'm! The Check-in bag weighs extra than permitted. You should do something. We can't accept it as is!"

She was taken a back.. 

"We weighed ourselves before coming!"

she said.

"That's alright. Here the Scales show extra not one or 2 kgs but......."

the gentleman at the Desk again conveyed politely. She had no go but to ring up to her dad, 

"I've got into a problem. I can't carry all this stuff!"

The dad said, 

"Dear! Don't throw any thing. Open the big bag and there I packed an extra fold-able bag as I had a doubt. Take that out, transfer the items into it and adjust between the two. You can book an extra bag as Check-in item. They go by weight and pay for that extra!"

As the time was short, the daughter cut the phone and quickly did what the dad told her.

"Ma'm! You have to pay....." 

he Booking gentleman said.

"OK! This is my card.."

"Sorry Ma'm! This card we can't accept.."

She instantly rang up to her dad, 

"Again there is a problem! They are not accepting....."

"I kept an extra card of mine in the secret pocket of your hand bag. Take that out and use it. I'll message the PIN!"

After a while the phone again rang up.

"Dad! I did a wrong PIN Input by mistake 3 times. Now the card does not work!"

"I gave you good amount of Rupee cash which you are allowed to carry with you. Pay that extra using that!"

"It's almost that amount. Then, I'll not have any thing with me except my FE. 
And I don't have time to go the ATM here to use my card!"

"I kept some stand-by amount in the other secret pocket of your bag. That will be useful to you!"

Soon the daughter paid off all, checked in the bags and moved towards Immigration. In about half hr she was in the Aircraft. Before switching off the mobile, she rang up to her dad and mom to say bye.

The dad enquired, 

"Hope dear! You carry all the items we gave you. Nothing thrown, is it not?"

"No.. All are with me in the bags. But I feel we paid a lot for the stuff which cost not so much. Don't you think it's a waste? And I could have traveled light....."

"No, never.. Anticipating some problem like this, I took advance care so that you will not be held up at the Airport. 
  • Remember.. You are visiting your Sister after a long time that too there is your Little Nephew. The moment, you come out of the Airport, the Little Boy loves to see you coming carrying a big bag. He expects his usual toys, books and play items not few but many. His face should glow, when you open the bag and show the items. Seeing the various eatables we sent, your sister's happiness cannot be any thing less. And added to this, the gifts of clothes we purchased for each member of the family too have their importance. 
  • You may say that compared to the price we paid to carry these all along, you could have bought them for a lesser cost. But, remember here money should not count and a few thousands is not a big concern. 
  • To say rightly, the bag is not packed with items at all but with Love and only Love nothing else and nothing less. Out of that love alone, we carefully selected, prepared, assorted and packed all these items. If you buy them in the Market there, you may get those even cheaper but there the Love of own Effort would be totally missing. 

And how can we, the parents do a half-hearted job like that to our children at any time in our life for our own convenience for saving a few extra Rupees involved there in?"

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  1. Wow! What a message from the father! Great post.

    1. Thanks Indrani! Your appreciation is very much welcome!

  2. Superb post. Thank You for inspiring.

    1. Thanks Yash! Just some thoughts in this direction....

  3. Really this post is great,love my father n mother.

    1. Thank you very much.... As a father of two daughters, I feel very much thus!

  4. regards to you , and lovely message how a parent loves , even though we are aware of this, we might ignore sometimes their love, love my parents all the time

    1. Thank you very much for leaving such a good Comment on these Pages!