Saturday, May 30, 2015


The child was just one year old.... The mother who was off from her job for almost an year from his birth, finally decided to return to her work.... And the family members were very much happy with her decision....

"We are a big joint family.... Some one is invariably available in this house all the time.... So the child care is never a problem with us.... That way seen, we can say that we are really lucky.... Don't worry.... Before you look back, the boy grows up and starts going to school.... Then further taking care goes on its own.... If money is there, what's that we can't do? You took the Right Decision here!" they said....

Yes! The mother too felt so and in a week's time she got into her regular job.... And equally from the day one of her working, the child was well taken care at Home during her absence in respect of his primary needs and safety....

3 months passed.....

Life was hectic for the Mom, the pressures at work were unusual, lots of attention was required there but every one felt that soon the Mom would get adjusted to all that....

But actually to say, it was not so for the Lady....

She constantly started remembering her child as she stayed away from him during her work, that in time created 
certain tension in her, soon it increased in dimensions and had gone beyond when the Boss squarely had to comment on her work which only added to her agony and on a fine day she decided to quit the job, submitted her resignation and got relieved in no time....

The next day she was at home taking care of her child fully but equally looking into certain part time works in her line of experience which she could comfortably do from home.... But the members of the joint family were not happy with her decision and soon were on an indirect war with her....

  • "She for no reason had resigned.... Will any one lose such a good job?" 
  • "The child care needs money.... What's the point in saying that I want to take care of my child and staying totally at home even when we are there by the side?" 
  • "To get another job is not so easy in these days of struggle.... She should have thought for a while......" 
  • "What great work is there here for her to do for the child? Any way he was happy with us when we were doing that..." 
  • 'Whatever it be, she should not have been so reckless.... Now with a single salary......." 
  • "She soon will understand that she did a great mistake.... No doubt here!" 
The Lady was silent all the time but never left her future plans in respect of her child care and getting back to her work at the earliest.... She firmed up in her mind to continue thus at least for another year or so when the Little One's schooling starts.....

The elderly wise man of the family who all the time observed the unpleasant scenes in the house, at length decided to intervene and say some thing in the situation.... Accordingly on an evening when all other members were casually discussing something, the gentleman intervened and said,

"Dear all! Of late, I am hearing certain indirect comments in this house targeting the daughter of this house................ which I feel not appropriate to say.... No doubt.... I understand the importance of one's work and the related safety there in one's life.... And if any one asks me in this direction, I always insist on them having good education as per their means and subsequently dedicating themselves to their work and I very much say that that is sure the right way of looking at life....

But a Mom having her young one by the side, sometimes cannot take this message exactly with that spirit in total as she is equally worried about the care of her Kid who really needs full time attention so to say.....Her Emotions in this scenario are really complex and out of that complexity alone she firms up many times what would be the best course of action for her in overall.... I humbly feel that you all should look into this aspect and allow our Lady to decide herself on the future course of action for her....

Here, let's not question her and let's not comment unnecessarily but as the true well-wishers let us just help in her this total task as much as possible.... i.e taking care of the child and retaining/ getting back her job.... We should never do a bit less in this help and equally never should pressurize her from any corner.... Can you understand this and all of you relax for a while?"

While concluding, the elderly well-wisher said with all firmness, "No doubt, we may be and we are ready to do to the Young One the best in his take care in the absence of his Mom and thus may think that we are helping the Mom, but please remember one thing.... If the mother herself does this work of child care with our support, it is surely the Supreme in the Universe as no other way of doing can really balance that Noble Work a hundred percent.... I hope you will remember this in all your future talks and interactions with the Lady as she sincerely carries out hers, the present most 'Sacred Task' of the unknown times!"


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    1. Thanks Archana! Based on certain Life Events witnessed....

  2. Hello Sir,

    This is a very relevant post in the times we are living in. Well written. :)

    I just wanted to say, If you use a lot of (......) in the post, it breaks my reading flow and distracts me. And reading becomes difficult. Just my opinion, Sir. I don't think I am qualified enough to give advice to a retired aircraft designer. :)

    1. Thank you very much Meghana for the suggestion. As my Blog Posts briefly describe the Content in a crisp way, I felt that I should allow the Readers to read, ponder over and proceed to the next sentence. Here the dots help like a stop over. That way seen its a bit different from a story telling like. Anyhow to help out my Readers, I decided to include only two dots after each sentence so that they are not distracted. Hope this sure helps! You may see my recent Post posted with this change.. Thanks once again for the interest shown in my Blog..

  3. The issue of child care is really a pressing one these days but I, for one, believe that a child is better off with a stay-at-home parent (not necessarily the mother) as long as it can be economically managed. Timely post for today's age

    1. Thank you very much on stressing the point.... Very rightly said!

  4. Sir! I rem. my days when I had to quit job, as I wanted to be full-time mom for our first born. These r choices, personal or monetary ones, it's difficult for a new-mom and same for the working mom. This account is really thought-provoking.

    1. Yes, Madam! It's really a problem of all working mothers.. Their tensions are a fact and no doubt, they need all the support in this matter..

  5. Being a full-time mother is one of the highest salaried jobs... since the payment is pure love.

    1. Very rightly said..Sorry I missed replying this which was due since almost an year.. Thanks for such a nice comment here!