Thursday, May 28, 2015


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In the beginning....

“I am sad that our College life is going to be no more with us….  All that fun, running round, cutting jokes, skipping classes to go to our favorite Matinee Shows etc etc.... Every thing seems to have ended....  I just can't imagine that we would be going for work from now on wards…. The College days should have been there for some more time.... We are going to miss all this now.... Any how, that's going to be our life here after…. " thus was speaking the young man of twenties a bit sadly on the final day of his Exams…. 

  • Seen It with a certain starting trouble....

After 2 years….

“Yeah! Work is good…. Only, sometimes a bit tiresome…. And to tell you.... The salary part is really very good.... With my this money, I can do many things now.... That's the best part of it.... And my Colleagues truly make my day.... But for that one man.... The so called Boss.... He is really a sadist guy I can say.... When I want to agree with him, he says ‘Can’t you have your own independent way of expressing?’ When I speak my views, he shouts, ‘Am I dead here? Why are you deciding every thing by yourself?’ Sometimes, I really don't know what to say in front of this man.... A real Joker in life…. You know.... We three of our Colleagues secretly celebrate whenever he goes on leave” heard the same young man speaking to his friend on phone narrating his experiences at work….
  • Created a Comedy around It for a while....

Within the next 5 years….

"Yaar!  Where is the Output I asked you?  Man!  You should finish the work given in time.... Again, in that yesterday's job, I found lot of mistakes.... You should pay some attention while doing the work.... At the end of the month are we not promptly taking our salaries?  Do you know who pays all that money? None other than our Customer! Let's use our brains a bit and act.... OK!  You can go now!" thus was speaking a bit angrily, the man of thirty by then who assumed the Role of the Dy Manger in his Department…. 

  • Felt It as the need of the hour by then....

After the next 5 years….

"Mr Venkat!  What's happening to you now a days?  I am seeing you deciding some of the issues yourself without consulting me at all.... What for am I here, Yaar? Please don't think that you can do wonders in seconds.... You will sure get into problems if you continue to behave like this.... Mend your ways dear.... OK!  Listen to me.... From now on wards, I just want to see you as........." the then Manager of the Group was seen speaking angrily on phone to one of his Assistants on a day..... 

  • Understood It as the necessity part of life for a while....

In the next further 12 years....

“Sir! I have all respects for you but I have my point here…. This Work forever cannot go on like this without funds.... If we don't do anything now, soon everything is going to stop and we can't answer our Customer.... Please approve the 'Note' I had put up and let the funds flow for my work to go on smoothly…. That's it.... Further, don’t bother…. I promise you the Result!” thus was speaking the then man of mid forties after he assumed the HOD Role in the Company…. 
  • Taken It as the Challenge of life at that point of time....

After another span of 10 years….

"Sir!  I am not at all happy with these meager Promotional Posts released for my Division.... With such a dull Career promise, how can I motivate my people? It's impossible for me to get profits to our Company with these salaries and growth prospects.... I feel, it's time for me to get out from here.... I can no more face my people with this Agenda asking them to bear it for one more year.... Either this quantum should increase or else my resignation letter is ready.... You have to just sign it.... That's all.... Any way, it's your wish!" thus was speaking angrily the man of late fifties by then who became the Divisional Head of the Company..... 

  • Identified It as the life and death problem by then....

In the last 3 years....

“Sir! I can't sit at home and face the walls of my house even for a day.... I still can do a lot…. And sure you need my Services too.... If you say OK, I'll prepare the Note Sheet for the Adviser Post in my earlier Dept.... There's a lot of confusion in the Dept.... The Present Head is a new man and he does not know the In and Out of many things....It's high time, I be by his side.... And I am not bothered about the pay…. Any money is OK…. Between '9 AM to 6 PM' I want to be out on the week days.... Home is sweet home no doubt but not without active work!  You can sure help me....” Thus was talking the man nearing 60s who by then had just 3 months to go for his retirement….

  • Ultimately, sought an Escape through It!


  1. Some of us decide to walk off the race mid way :D

  2. A piece of reality... nicely presented... :-)

    1. Thank you very much for the appreciation!

  3. A slice of life,expressed well!

    1. Thanks Madam.... A few spontaneous thoughts!

  4. ..And so the cycle goes on. Very true sir. :-)

    1. Yes, Somali.... That's how every one around matures mentally.... Inevitable!

  5. So d way u wrote this post !

    BoHo StYLe

    1. Thanks Ananaya.... Any part of the Globe the Scenario is more or less the same!