Tuesday, August 1, 2017


A boy and his younger brother were playing a game. They had a scuffle. The younger one said,

  • “I won 10 points till now!” 
The elder said,
  • “No, the last score was nil. You've only 9 points with you!”
And sure to say, it was an endless argument for sometime..

Meanwhile their father with his friend came to the spot in search of them. The two children instantly referred their dispute to their father. He smiled and said,

  • “My dear children! Do you remember what I tell you both daily? Why don't you do that first?” 
The children remembered what the father used to say daily. That’s all, they both left their fight and became one!

Seeing that, the friend asked the father what he was telling them daily.

The father said,

"Dear! There's only one message to them from me in this context.

  • The better off, naturally the elder should always start the interaction with a helpful attitude towards the younger as he himself is privileged in respect of having better capabilities of life. 

  • The younger without a second thought should first pay respects to the elder and begin the interaction as he can become better only by learning from the capable i.e, the elder bother. 
As they thus begin their dialogue, in no time, each sees his mistake and the dispute is gone! I repeat this daily to them and it had become part of a ritual for them.

But here, the angers too are never less and cloud their memories often. So reminders are needed and when thus reminded, their approach changes instantly and the fights fizzle out. 

The most important aspect of this 'Great Work Out' is.. 
  • I am the one and only reference to them in their life and they both believe me a 100% here.. And take from me, I never intervene and try settling their disputes at any point of time!” 
The Creator from Above smiled,
  • “A similar message is there for My children too on the earth and I repeatedly remind that through the preachings of the Learned. 
And when they see my Presence as ‘One’, then alone they can settle their disputes and remain in peace!”