Friday, June 19, 2015


The little girl was with her dad in the Toy Shop….

“I want that toy!” she was nagging and forcing him to buy what she asked.. The dad just checked for the price and the next moment, it was seen beyond his reach.. Not so easily affordable.. Immediately, the child was cajoled and brought out of the shop and the dad bought another cheaper substitute toy to please her.. She was all the way silent and no doubt, the dad noticed it but kept quiet for the time being.. She came home, ate her food and slept early..

The next day morning, as she got up from sleep at her usual time she found in front of her the same toy she asked for.. The dad was not there immediately as he had left home early to work more to make up the finances spent.. He returned home late in the night for the same reason and the girl slept by that time.. Further to that, the little girl safely kept the toy with her as a precious item and occasionally used to play with it..

Soon, days passed into months and later into years..

The girl had grown up and was in her twenties.. She got a good Academic Degree, joined a job of her like and was posted in the best place on the behalf of her Company..

Days passed and the year's Father's Day was ahead in a few days time.. And on one of those days, a big Check was received by the dad in his name from the daughter..

The dad immediately phoned up and asked her, “What for is this?”

The daughter said, “I'm held up here with my job for a while and as such am unable to visit you on this coming up first Father's Day after I got my job.. On the eve of this Precious Day for me, I am gifting this lump-sum money to you as a token of return of a very small percent of the cost of the item one day you purchased for me! Please buy whatever you like out of this and spend the day happily.. Best wishes to you dad, on this Special Day of a Father!”

The dad not understanding what she said asked her back, “Dear! I don't get it what such a big item I purchased for you paying thousands of Rupees at any time in my life? As I look back, I never did anything like that so far!”

The daughter replied with all warmth, “Yes dad, I agree that out of the great love for me, you will never remember such Events of your life where you had taken care of me to the best possible.. I too know that such a buying was never there in our lives at any point of time..

But if you remember exactly, one day you struggled and purchased the dearest toy of mine when I became sad and was silent for a while for not able to have that with me..  Seen from my side, it was something a very highly valued item at that point of time compared to any other thing in my life and I was the happiest over that! 

Out of that great satisfaction alone, I had grown to a full Personality and all my capabilities of today which the world around values so much have come out of that contentment and great feeling of my childhood.. Rest of the support given and the monies spent on me had their true worth mainly at the back of this happiness alone.. Such a strong foundation was truly made by you by your timely care and attention for me in your heart! Today, as I look back and try to give any value to that gift of my childhood, I'm forever seeing it much, much less only as the love behind with which you bought the item for me is truly priceless!”


  1. Touches somewhere within but don't like the idea of returning favour. Love isn't book keeping of obligations.

    1. Thanks Ravish.. Actually it is not a return as material but a feeling within the daughter saying that such big Check too is a very very small part of the dad's purchase for her in the right time.. You have rightly brought the point which truly needs clarification on the face of the story as is!

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    1. Thanks for the good Comment, Indrani.. Well said!

  3. Nice to see that the daughter remember a seemingly small thing that had meant a lot to her at some point of time.

    1. And her that Emotion is sure out of the dad's love towards her.. Thanks Somali, the right Comment!