Thursday, June 18, 2015


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A man of mid thirties was too miserly in all his spendings and thus used to save every Pie with him.. It sometimes happens in one's life when such a tempo grips the man.. When questioned on his attitude, he proudly used to reiterate..

“Yes! Money is the most precious entity in our lives.. It is rightly said, take care of your Pennies, Pound will take care of themselves! Thus, if every Pie of mine is not spent unnecessarily and saved, without my own knowledge do you know, how much I would be saving in my life towards the end? My God! I practically worked out the other day and the figures that came up are never, never small.. Over 30 yrs of our active life comprising of so many days, the whole thing comes to......"

The friends who for a while observed him behaving a bit odd, initially used to advise,

"Dear! The Saying you mentioned applies only to those people who spend away monies lavishly without thinking of their future.. Monies are basically meant for living a standard life and growing up.. A percentage of it as per our level should necessarily go on charity too and the remaining alone should go towards saving..

Tell us once.. What's the point in living a substandard life all along thinking of saving money alone forgetting these important aspects of living? At one stage we have to leave all this and go from this world, isn't it? And at the back of such monies with us, the children too do not carry the right respect for us or even may become double greedier in grabbing the same.. It's better we live the right life never crossing the limits anywhere.. Think it over and try to be realistic in life!"

"Oh, is it so?" the man used to say for all that but never thinking beyond what his friends were saying again used to continue his talk about money..

"Money need not always be in cash or in an asset form.. A Facility extended to us also costs and when we scroll down to basics and the figures over a period would come out astronomical! It indirectly means that I am simply paid that much of money..”

And his friends could never understand his crazy behavior beyond and most of the times left the matters to himself alone!

It so happened that this man once met with a bit serious accident.. Immediately, his Company where he was working offered him the required medical treatment in one of the good hospitals in the city and granted him the necessary Sick Leave.. And that way the Company had sincerely done its job..

The friends were there to see him at the Hospital on an evening and as they were sympathetic to his accident and wished his speedy recovery, suddenly the man said with a beaming face, 

“Do you know one thing here? I am eligible for all this medical treatment as per the terms of my Job Contract with my Company.. See, such a nice room is given to me with Phone, TV and Internet Facilities.. There is extra space too for another person to stay and help out.. The room is quite wide, clean, well furnished and looks great..”

One friend said, "Leave all that dear! Thank God, the Problem has gone light for you.. Else these accidents a few times may............"

"Oh, is it so?"
the man said immediately but never thinking beyond of what his friend had said, turned towards the window and continued, 

“See! As I look out through this window, I see the beautiful garden in front of me with thick bushy trees at a distance standing over the green lawns.. Daily, I am sitting in this comfortable chair relaxing and having my evening tea.. It's simply a luxury in our lives and do you know how much the same facility costs in a Star Hotel? In a place like our city, this facility itself costs around Rupees……. per day but not that alone along with other extras offered here, I tell you, it goes up to….... and all this presently being given away by my Company freely and where else I can get such a luxury free of cost?”

Another friend intervened and said, "Yaar! See the reality once.. All this can be enjoyed only if we are all right; is it not? Your stars are good else....." 

"Oh, is it so?" the man said again but never thinking beyond on what the friend had said, continued with a double tempo, 

“I forgot to mention one more thing.. All this is given along with a Special Leave from Work.. Meaning.. The Company is paying me full salary and all the monies I am eligible from Perks point of view and further I am covered to receive a Compensation........”

At that point of time, the On-duty Nurse came in and said, “Sir! The visitors had already left..You may relax and take rest now!”

"Oh, is it? I just wanted to tell them another indirect benefit the Company gives in such situations.. It's OK, I'll tell them after I am discharged.. It's not small........." he thus continued his talk as murmur within himself when the On-duty Nurse too left the place by that time..

The friends who were just outside by then, overheard the conversation and were simply stunned for a while.. Subsequently, the learned man among them smiled and said, "Dear! Friends.. I now understand why the Great Scholar and the Saint Bhartruhari had said in his Nitishatakam Chapter 3..

labheta sikataasu tailam api yatnataha piiooayan
pibec ca mrugatrushshikaasu salilaha pipaasaarditah
kvacid api parayat an sa sa vishaasham aasaadayat
na tu pratinivishta muurkha cittam aaraadhayet


We may extract oil from a fistful of sand,
Quench our thirst by drinking water from a Mirage,
Fetch the horn of a rabbit by going around the world
But can never appreciate / understand a fool's mind!

For a long time, the Message looked quite unrealistic for me and I was thinking why the Great Saint had said thus but today only I am fully convinced of the True Meaning to His Saying!"


  1. Interesting take on mind's gyrations. :)

  2. Some people have a one track mind.

    1. You said it very much right Indu.. Thanks for the Comment!