Wednesday, July 15, 2015


A young man and 3 elderly men happened to travel on a rainy day evening peak hours by taxi on sharing basis to return to a central place from where they could easily reach their homes.

At the end of the journey which was truly too tedious and tiresome before getting down, the young man with a beaming face tipped the driver extra saying,

  • “You did a commendable job. In such heavy rain and traffic conditions, you waded and pushed through and brought me back home the fastest after my tedious Office Work which I never imagined to happen in such a pouring rain. 
Here as a fellow human, I decided to do my bit. Hope this extra money from me will make you happy!”

The 3 elderly men nodded their heads to what the young man said and equally tipped the driver but strangely the first two 2 and 3 times respectively of what the young man gave and the fourth one some more money added to the 3 times the tip.. After alighting the taxi, the 4 men walked some distance together and before departing, the young man asked, 

"Sir! I happened to notice all 3 of you giving different tips to the driver. I wish to know what made each one of you do this."

The first elderly man said with an emotion clearly seen on his face,

  • “I may be a well off man with all facilities at my disposal but at this point of time none could come to my rescue and as you see I am aged. He really helped me move from the place from where there was no way of coming back easily for me in this rain and traffic at the back of my age related problems else I would have definitely suffered. Now I can easily reach my home and relax. 
Here as a fellow human, I decided to do my bit in my condition.That's why I gave him the additional tip!”

The second elderly man looked at both and with a broad smile on his face said,

  • “I'm too aged but I was a Philanthropist all along in my life. Here as I see, I may be aged no doubt but the driver too is aged. He did such a difficult job in his age to help out a man like me to reach my home easily myself in the same age having no need to face such hardships this moment. 
Here as a fellow human I decided to do my bit at my own level. That's why I gave him this special additional tip!”

The other 2 agreed with the gentleman and 3 of them finally looked at the 3rd elderly man who paid the highest tip and asked him the reason to do so.

The elderly gentleman with all calmness on his face said,

  • "Dear all! Am too aged and was a Philanthropist all along my life. Nothing more than that. And so initially, I too felt like giving the driver 3 times only the tip.." 
he paused for a while and continued..
  • "When I thought thus, all of a sudden my Inner Voice reminded me, 
  • 'You are calculating the money to be paid and giving that with a reason attached but as a True Fellow Human have you gifted the driver spontaneously from your end when an occasion comes up like this?' 
  • So I just added up the small money left in my hand without counting which I could easily part with without a big burden on me and gave away all that.. 
And here as a Fellow Human, I decided to do my bit as I sincerely feel that the driver just deserves to receive all this from me at this moment!"

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  2. very good and meaningful taking from the post :)

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  3. Same action but different perspectives. Truly an eye opening post. :)

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