Saturday, July 4, 2015


The boy was 5 yrs old and used to repeatedly ask questions like.. "Dad! What's this?","Where's my bag?", "Which pen should I take?" etc etc..

"Yes dear, Am coming!" the dad used to say every time with a smile and answer all his questions without a miss..

Soon he was a grown up boy of 12 yrs.. The questions continued but the content was a bit matured like.. "Dad! You have to come to my School tomorrow.. Our Principal wanted the parents........ Are you coming?"
"Am having PT class tomorrow in the evening.. Can you pick me up after that?"
"There's a new Movie released and my friends are going........ Can myself too go?" etc.. etc..

"I'll tell you what to do and you can do accordingly.." the dad used to answer and help out his son thus..

He was a grown-up young man of 18 yrs by then.. "My dad is my sole reference.. I know he always does the right.. I'll just follow him.. He never tells a thing wrong!" he was heard telling to one of his friends..

"Yes my boy.. I can never think of telling you anything less here!" the dad mused within with a smile..

Soon he was a man of 28 yrs with certain family responsibilities attached to.. "My dad may be telling me to do this and that........ There, I just do what I want without his knowledge.. I feel that so much telling is not required at our age.. What do you say?" he was heard asking his friend on a day at home..

"I know that my telling here will not go into your actions now, but sure is required for you one day when you have to tell your own child.. Till then keep it safe in your mind!" said the dad with a smile after the friend left..

Time passed and the son was a man of 35 with hectic activities of going around without a second to breath.. "Gosh! These works never end.. I don't know how to pull on in this situation!" he was murmuring..

"The same activities I too did in your age but with more calmness.. Everything is OK here, only patience is missing!" said the dad with a smile..

The son was then a matured man of 45 yrs and was into buying an Apartment from a particular Builder.. "I'm planning to go for a Flat now.. And the bank is ready to give me loan for this.. What's you view?" he asked the dad..

"Let's consult a few independent Specialists in this area and act based on that.. Our monies are precious and here any litigation eats us out in no time.. Deciding ourselves is never correct here and.. I clearly remember when I made a similar deal at your age............" advised the dad with a smile..

The son in time was 55 and the dad who was eighty had a typical health problem..

"My dad did a lot to me.. Let me take care of him in his life at this stage.. Tomorrow I'm taking him to the Super Specialties Hospital for a Check Up.. Let me not look at the cost here.. His welfare is primary for me!" thus was thinking the son aloud with an outburst of emotion..

"I'm happy to be as is with a mild necessary medical care advised.. I don't need all those elaborate Tests and Check Ups which cost a lot as this body is short lived.. I feel that this is the best course of action in these years of life.. The same, I got it confirmed by my uncle having similar problem, as the right course of action in this age.. Take care of yourself more here and safeguard your finances.." said the dad with feeble smile!


  1. I am impressed by the growing boy. A wonderful relationship!

  2. good relationship among father and son... this post is a must read for everyone or particularly those who forgets the relationship once they had in the past with their parents...

    1. Thanks Ashish for leaving such a good Comment on these Pages!

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    1. Thanks Archana.. Out of certain introspection!

  4. Lessns well passed on and we'll received at the other end.. Nicely penned.

    1. Thanks Kokila.. I am happy you appreciated the Post!