Tuesday, July 28, 2015


A King was always under some sort of pressure in his Ruling.. Thus indirectly, he was a weak King.. 'When the King is weak, people are bound to suffer!'.. Thus goes the Saying.. And that happened there too..
  • A few Assistants noticed the King’s weakness and each one slowly started taking indirect powers into their hands in their areas.. And in no time, they became a sort of Mini Rulers in those own areas where in there was no representation to people beyond.. Thus continued the indirect dictatorship and people were helpless beyond..
  • In the process instead of acting in the right direction, the King further allowed it and thus became further weak.. 
  • Slowly, people were not at all allowed to go to him for anything and the Assistants as Mini Rulers themselves used to decide what to do and what not for the people.. Soon threatening signals from the Assistants started coming indirectly to the King about his dethrone if he intervened at anytime and talk against them.. 
  • By then the King was truly afraid.. He soon adapted to that and started talking everywhere, not straight but in a way that would not point out the Assistants..
  • The Assistants quickly sensed all that and in no time became truly the Rulers.. They understood that the King could do nothing to them to stop them from doing their actions.. From then on, they just allowed the King to rule on paper but gave instructions to him indirectly what to talk, where to talk etc, etc..
  • By then a great fear gripped the King, he followed the dictum indirectly and started telling lies everywhere.. Meaning, when something wrong was happening, something rosy was talked of and the King through his own words used to confirm 'The wrong as right!'  And that went on for some more time....
  • In short time, a stage had reached when the King was advised not to talk about his family freely and openly except what the Assistants advise upon.. And in a short time, that censoring further increased.. 
  • Slowly, the King started talking irrelevantly.. He started forgetting what he spoke earlier as each saying was built up and put forward so nicely.. Thus prevailed confusion everywhere in the Ruling by the so called name sake Great King!

In that scenario one fine day morning, the King saw a normal man entering the Palace and going in front of him whistling aloud not caring for him at all....

Seeing that behavior of a normal man in front of him in his own Palace, for the first time the King became very furious.. He abruptly stopped the man and asked him angrily, "Do you know what you are doing here and who am I in front of you?”

The man was totally in a different mood.. And upset with the intermittent questioning, he raised his voice and said “Yeah!  I know I am whistling..  But, I don’t know you.. What's the problem?  And why should I bother? Are you a VIP?  By the way, I want to know.. Who are you, man?” 

And exactly at that moment alone..
  • The man routinely moving round in the Palace wholly forgot that he was his King and 
  • Equally the King too just forgot who he was 
As for a long time the entire living around the two was nothing but a bundle of complicated lies alone!

(Based on a story I heard in my childhood)


  1. A great lesson summed up nicely in the story.... enjoyed it, Sir... :-)

    1. Thanks Maniparna.. I heard a story in my childhood with the similar end message but don't know its reference.. Anyhow, here the story is my own except the happening in the end which is what I heard..

  2. A good read again. Thank you!

  3. Sad, isn't it? That's a great story and a wonderful lesson learnt sir... thanks for sharing :-)

    1. Thanks Archana! Yeah.. The story is mine in original but the end message is what I heard in my childhood.. Happy to know that it's interesting!