Monday, July 20, 2015


The youth of today's world no doubt should ponder for a while over the basic Truths in life in respect how they were cared and brought up in their lives at their tender age.. 

It was just the age when the health was delicate, personality was almost nothing and capabilities were just the primary ones meant for protecting thru' reflexes of withdrawing / getting off from the threats around.. Indirectly to say, every grown up person of today was invariably like that at that point of time when they were young..

But all along that period of total helplessness, their today's parents were alone by their side very much ready to take full care of them and really did that without almost an exception any where around.. 

Thus, it becomes truly a right approach with any one around with living parents by their side to constantly ponder over the Message here which if they make a genuine search would sure find in their hearts too very easily.. The gist of the Message runs thus.. 

  • 'My mother had given me truly the so called 'My Personality' in my life which is simultaneously accepted in the Society and on occasions appreciated too without which I would have been either 'Nothing' in my life or would have been such an 'Unacceptable' or the most 'Hated' Personality in my vicinity.. Here, my mother alone had given me this 'True Identification' to me in this world..
  • My father had constantly protected me from the so called influence of the 'Underworld' when I was totally helpless and had taught me the 'Way of making my Livelihood' here so that later in my life I could earn a living through the same and further protect myself from the 'Bad' for the rest of my life.. Here, my father had truly protected 'The Very Identification' given to me by my mother..
  • Thus my Parents both together had done the 'Greatest Service' to me in my life even though a few times the tasks were interchanged between them in the Roles.. I should ever be ready to thank them immensely for all this and never feel that they had not done a few undone things to me which truly speaking are really of minor and insignificant nature and most of the time they are out my wish alone without any solid back of a true requirement existing there.. Both the Parents together had truly saved me from 'the greatest fear' and 'the biggest pain' of life which Service if I see in depth, can never repay at any point of time in my life!' 
The young and active around should make a strong note of this Message and forever stop showing the later acquired physical and mental strengths on their weakened parents through their age and thus stop neglecting them/treating them indifferently at any point of time in their old age.. 

Equally, they should ever remember that all these elderly men and women around too have a fundamental right of expressing themselves in their own dignified way and that doing a few times even if seem to be interfering with the Care Taker's freedom, that should simply be managed towards a practical solution alone without causing any basic hurt to these elderly at any point of time in their life!

And this attitude sure had to be adapted by the young and capable of today for the betterment of all as in that very approach, they are equally setting the good examples of selfless Service in front of their own fast growing children who tomorrow, in the coming up years would definitely become better individuals ready to render a similar Service towards them too in their own difficult days!


  1. You should look in your email and post some of the nice articles again on the blog!

  2. Respect for the life and identity given, Gratitude for caring enough to have done so, Love enough to demonstrate both. That's what youngsters need to be conscious of.

    1. Yes, Lataji! So much is done by each parent to their wards.. Better every one become conscious of that instead of saying that the parents liked it and so they did that way!