Wednesday, July 22, 2015


The Evening Sky was cloudy with few dark clouds passing at low level resulting in cool breeze taking off part of the usual summer heat of the day.. It looked it might rain at any time, but many were not bothered of that and as usual the Park was crowded with the usual evening visitors.. One such group were relaxing in their usual place at the Central Point of the Park and for a while their Topic turned out to be 'How to take care of the Little Children amidst the day to day pressures in the family, at work etc..' Each one was expressing their own views out of their individual perceptions in respect of the Topic..
  • "It's not the right practice here at any point of time.. I know a Mother who constantly follows her child........" 
  • "I've seen exactly the opposite in one family.. The Mom there........... " 
  • "Yes! It happens a few times.. I feel that some times the mid way in these dealings would be the best........" 
  • "You may say thus but I know a case where the Mom does in a totally different way and there the problem is......" 
  • "I don't agree here.. See! after all, the child care is a responsibility of......" 
  • "Dear! You may easily say that.. But in practice, when the Little One starts............ So, the best way is......." 
  • "No.. What you say again needs a modification.. You see, every Mom should......." 
  • "You know, I am speaking out of what I read in one book.. There the Author says........" 
  • "It's very easy to say all that.. But considering reality, the best practice is to allow the child........." 
  • "OK! I don't want to say anything here.. But left to me, I'll say the right way of dealing with a child is......" 
Ten different people..Ten different ways.. Of course, each one stressing their own way very much! Thus was going on the talk endlessly for a while..

Suddenly, all of them happened to watch an interesting 'Event' in front of them at a distance in the garden part of the Park..

A small child was seen running across screaming aloud,"No.. No.. No" the Mom running behind him with some food in her hand, catching the boy's hand, holding him firmly and forcing him eat what was in her hand..

The Little One refused but the Mom equally never left her attempt, started cajoling him for a while.. The boy became adamant, rolled over the ground for a while with some dirt sticking to him and his dress and again the Mom too relentlessly did not leave her attempt, pulled him and cleaned him in the process partly dirtying herself on her face but never appeared caring for that and such a chaos of crying and shouting continued for a while..

All that suddenly subsided, the Little One was all in smiles the next moment and the Mom was doubly cheerful looking at him and making him eat what she made and brought for him as the best for him and further next moment was seen carrying him close to her heart with the Little One joyfully playing with her hair and each communicating to the other very closely in their own language never understood by the third person however one may try to overhear and thus they moved on together as ONE and slowly vanished from the Scene!

The people who happened to watch the entire 'Episode' in front were silent for a while but in no time it appeared that there was an equal silent unanimous conclusion in their minds..

The Message was..

  • Basically, every Mom knows what is the best for her child in a given situation..
  • She devices her own techniques there, pools up her own resources to the best possible, works every second and thus moves in her life towards the betterment of her child..
  • This Take Care may vary widely from Mom to Mom but ultimately, that single choice of work out of each Mother to her child does the real good..
  • The rest other methods of Take Care too would do good in the situation when the Mom in picture wishes to do in that way..
  • It is ever the duty of others around help her in the process of this Sacred Take Care and support her the max possible.. 
And strangely that Message alone had instantly become the Undisputed Concluded Point of the discussions of the day with all Members around unanimously agreeing to that!


  1. I am a mom and I loved your post..could relate it every which way :) :)

    1. Thank you for leaving such valuable words here on these Pages as Comment.. They are truly a feather in the cap for the Subject Post!

  2. And the dad is completely absent!! Should I say conveniently absent? Thankfully at my home either of us can be running behind the child to make her eat as fussy eater she is! I refuse to buy that only mom knows! Dads know too.

    1. You may be right too as you said, Mridula.. It's just only a Fictional Perception.. Thanks for the point brought out in this context!

  3. simply beautiful sir :) loved it and can totally relate with it... :)

    1. Thanks Archana for the appreciation.. I love the comment!

  4. A true message depicted in the post with sheer perfection.

    1. Thank you Purba for leaving such nice appreciative words.. Am happy to have them on the Blog Post!