Friday, August 14, 2015


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"This Boss is too much.. Never he leaves me for a moment.. If this goes on, when can I do my personal works that often come up in the active day time alone?  I just need a little time off whenever these important works come up..."
  • Work priorities forever over ride many of the day to day personal works except a few of truly welfare oriented ones.. This means either the planned personal works are of unimportant nature or could have been delegated to some one else.. No regrets here at any time!
"Why's there no Incentive Bonus this month with no Annual Bonus announcement coming up in near future? I don't know what's happening to my Company...."
  • Quality Work Turnover against the Book Order with saving in Standard Man Hrs in the month is the basis for monthly Incentive Payment.. And the Profits earned after the Sale is the basis for the Annul Bonus announcement.. No other trick works here at any time!
"My Job pays me Peanuts.. I'm struggling here day and night and getting a pitiable amount at the end of month.. You know, the payments at............? There, a Beginner alone gets..........."
  • Remuneration is broadly related to Value Addition using One's Capabilities to meet the Market Demand and no other equation can work here at any time!
"I don't know.. This Boss of mine exactly catches me when I'm ready to leave.. He never fails here.. Oh! Today, too my Evening had gone..What a boring life!" 
  • Overtime Stay at Work is precisely either to meet the Customer’s timely need or to cover up my deficiency for lapse in timely deliveries and a negligent ‘No’ here can create havoc on the job at any time! 
"After so many days of continuous Work, I just asked for 2 weeks Holiday to spend with my family.. You know for that, how much this man forces me to cut it.... If I ask a bit firmly he says, ''Forget about the sanctioning, I can even ask you comeback in the middle of your vacation canceling the already sanctioned leave if required....'" 
  • Leave from Work creates a deficiency in Business and there is no go here other than minimizing the same even at the displeasure of near and dear at any time!
 "It's a relief.. I'm off from this boredom for 2 weeks in the name of this Training.. I don't understand, why my Management is suddenly asking me stop all my works and go for this? What wonders this so called Training will do to me except that I comeback and do the same Work..  Truly a waste of time!"
  • To get trained on the Job during working period is imperative to accommodate the fluctuations of demand in the Market for the existing Skills and has necessarily to be undergone, if necessary at the cost of personal finances also at any time!
"They all talk a lot but I got nothing during my difficulty as compensation except the Basic Pay.. All other monies are lost eternally.." 

Welfare at Work, the Constitutional Provision is a safeguard for all eventualities, would always be at a minimum maintenance level and it should neither be misused nor demanded beyond at any time!

"I resigned from the present hectic Job as I needed some rest and more time to do some of my essential works.. I wish to take up the next job...." 
  • Continuity of Job is the most important aspect of Work Life and an Official declaration of gap in the Career for no valid reasons is only suicidal at any time!
"What's the use of this Promotion? They Promoted me no doubt but Posted to that remote Jungle Area where even for a match box, you have to go for a mile.."
  • Being Promoted to the Higher Responsibility in the Career has to happen in time and any delay here is truly detrimental to the Continuity of Job and future Promotions at any time!
"You can't believe any one here.. Speak one word,  in no time the same is modified for personal advantage and presented to Boss who without looking this side or that side simply believes it.. And if it happens in front of a Customer, it's much.. much a bigger problem.." 
  • Work Environment is virtually a war zone, it's a blessing that here I'm only on the frying pan and not in the fire.. Living here for a longer time is imperative and how effectively this atmosphere is managed towards the smooth functioning is basically a Skill by itself with the Employee at any time!


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    1. Thanks Ananya.. A few thoughts in this line!

  2. On the dot - Perception vs Reality. Very true - Long hours seen as a mark of dedication is actually either to meet the Customer’s timely need or to cover up my deficiency.

    1. Rightly said, Somali.. These are the basic truths behind work which invariably ultimately many times overrule all other decisions of ours..

  3. Great read sir... reminded me of my corporate stint... and the games people play... :-)

    1. Yes.. Archana.. The typical Corporate Games truly control our work life.. And this Scenario is bound to stay here! Thanks for the nice Comment..

  4. Good insights coming from a veteran.

    1. Thanks Prerna for the appreciation.. Happy to have the Comment!