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       The brother was 21 and the sister turned 18.. "Now, I can do all of my works by myself!" proclaimed the sister proudly..

"That's great of you.. All the best!" said the brother with a smile..

The next day, the sister had some urgent work to be done which was a bit difficult for her to handle all by herself.. The brother without a say was helpful to her indirectly so that she could complete her work well by herself.. When the sister thanked him, the brother smiled and said,
  • "Help to a sister from her brother is always giving out in the form of his monies, time, energies for the ultimate betterment of her!"
       Later in their life after certain settlement, on a day the brother happened to go to his bank but took certain extra time there to return.. When he returned, the sister asked, “Any hold up?” 

The brother replied,  
“Nothing..  I was withdrawing some Personal Loan money sanctioned to me.. The procedure took time and further there was a long queue at the Cash Counter..”

“I understand that.. Are you in need of money urgently?  I could have given you something..”

“No urgent need from my side..”

“Then why do you unnecessarily pay additional interests in taking the Personal Loan, withdrawing that money from your Account and keeping it with you in the house now?  You could have applied and taken that whenever you needed the same..” 

“I agree but it's not for that..  See.. You may suddenly ask me some money due to certain expenses which you may not like to tell me in advance.. That way seen, I may be able to plan my own but yours is truly unknown to me..  At that time, you may not have enough and I too may not have with me that much..  And it certainly takes some time to get the loan sanctioned.. That's why I applied in advance and keeping the money ready with me!” 

The sister was truly astonished with such a caring reply from her brother.. But she had her own questioning in spite of that care shown by the brother.. She asked,  
"You said.. It's a Personal Loan.. How is this a Personal Reason?" 

The bother smiled and said, 
"Why not? You are my person in my heart..  So, it's always a Personal Loan!"

Further he smiled and said,
  • "Help to a sister from a brother is not only giving out his limited monies, time, energies but some of the possessions too beyond for the ultimate betterment of her!"
       It was the Marriage Function from the brother's side.. Guests were pouring in.. The other side guests were out numbering and some of them were the VIPs of the Town.. The sister with her family had a hectic job for the day to help out in the function.. Her husband could not come to function due to certain urgent work.. 

Having finished helping out her brother in the function, the sister took some time to relax for a while and sat to a side as the children were playing leaving the center seats to the VIP guests..

The brother busy at the function in the Pandal noticed this from distance, after a few minutes got down and straight came to the sister and said.. "You are the number one guest of ours, the VVIP family guest to be in this grand function.. Come and sit in the centre of first row in front of me, grace the Event till the end and be with us!"

Further, he said to the sister in softer tone,

  • "Help to a sister from a brother is not only giving out his limited monies, time, energies and some of the possessions beyond but further bringing down his own level too for the ultimate betterment of her!"
      After a few days one evening, as the brother and sister were walking towards home on a side of narrow road, suddenly an important item of the sister which was in her hand fell into the dirty waters by the side.. 

The sister felt instantly that an important thing was lost but could not put her hand into waters and search for the same as the waters were too dirty and was thus in all tears.. The brother simply kept his hand into the waters, waded through, got the item, carried home, washed it as well as his hands with soap and water and gave it back to his sister saying with a smile, 
  • "Help to a sister from a brother is not only giving out his limited monies, time, energies, some of the possessions beyond and further bringing down his own level too but if required cross all these and voluntarily get into a lesser state of living for the ultimate betterment of her!"


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